Police, haunted love, one secret, too many broken hearts and one full new life for the six of them. I suppose you could say eight of us really. Trying to hide and start a new place with the biggest boy band? While you've all broken the law more than a thousand times in a days work? It can get pretty tough. Kidnapping and saving. Losing and finding. Loving and hating. What more could you want? The vid explains all...then the story begins.


37. I'll tell you, only you

Juliets p.o.v

I awoke to the sunlight on the bed. Why was it so bright? Stupid curtains...I then flinched as Niall moved an inch, tightening his grip around me. 

'Mm...morning princess...'


'Juliet, you seem bothered.' He loosened his grip around me so I could face him.

'I'm not...'


'I said I'm not! Alright?!' I roughly took the cover off me and headed to the suite, bathroom in the bedroom side.

'Julie! I'm sorry!' I saw him lift his hands up in frustration. 'I was only bloody asking! I'm sorry!'

'No...I'm sorry...' I came out the small bathroom, into the bedroom.

'Juliet...can I ask you something?'

'I guess.'

'What is with you and Liam? Yesterday?'

'N-nothing. It was nothing.' I walked over to the bed and sat down next to Niall.

'Please Juliet. I didn't feel like nothing. Maybe it is just me...I'll go and get changed.'

' you're right. It's not nothing. I need to tell you. Just...promise me one thing?'


'Don't...don't leave me.' He raised his eye brows. Bet he thought that wasn't coming.

'I'd never dream of that princess.' He cupped my face with his two hands.

'Well...I...' I gave out a large sigh. I can't. 'I'm sorry...I just can't...not yet...'

'Okay babe, you sure? I'll always be here for you...'

'I know...I're right. You'll always be here...I'll just tell you now!'

'Babe I don't want to pressure you-'

'No. No, I want to tell you now.' He got hold of my hands and held them tight. ' us...before we became together...the auditions...I...I...I was with Liam.'

'But I thought-'

'Lies. They were all lies. I was never his best friend. I was his girlfriend. His bloody...girlfriend...'

'Why? Why are you saying it like that?' He came closer.

'It's what he's done. He was involved in every pub incident. And that meant whatever he was involved with, I was too. It wasn't a normal life. We...we grew up together. Then one day...he popped the question. That is when I started to regret it. Worst mistake of my life! I went...I went to court because of him...' I started to come out in tears, falling into Nialls arms.

'I'm sorry...I...I didn't know...'

'It's not your fault. I...I just don't want it to happen again.' I knew what he was thinking...he was starting to regret it now. Right from the start...



'Finally! Now I can go and see my Nialler!'


Without thinking, I ran straight downstairs to see him sitting on the couch.


'Niall I'm-what's going on?'


'Jade...I'm so so sorry...I didn't want us to end like this...'


*Flashback over*


Nialls p.o.v

What had I done? Right from the start...she's been suffering with memories. Right from the beginning of all of this...



I was on the last step as I saw to my horror, two police cars waiting outside with officers with their guns pointing towards the door.


'We know your in there boy! Open up and come out now!'


They couldn't see us but we could see all of them. 


'I never thought...this day would come. I've got to get outta here now! Before it's too late.'


*Flashback over*

'I'm so sorry babe...I can't believe this...' Few tears came out of my eyes. I did this to her. I brought back the past...

'No Niall, you've done nothing...please...' I felt his warm tears reach my shoulder. 'Oh Niall...' I started to flood tears onto his bare chest. We both sat, hugging each other tightly for what seems like forever...until we got a knock on the door.

'You awake? I'm just going to make breakfast. I'll see you down there...' I heard Fiona quietly speak as I and Niall heard her walk down the stairs.

'S-should we go...downstairs? Or...' Niall spoke, but I think he knew the answer and I laid back down with him.

'I love you Niall.'

'I love you more. And I'm so so sorry...'

'Niall don't be.' 

'Can I show you how much I mean it? Today?' Niall spoke, grinning.

'I'm listening...'

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