Police, haunted love, one secret, too many broken hearts and one full new life for the six of them. I suppose you could say eight of us really. Trying to hide and start a new place with the biggest boy band? While you've all broken the law more than a thousand times in a days work? It can get pretty tough. Kidnapping and saving. Losing and finding. Loving and hating. What more could you want? The vid explains all...then the story begins.


39. Goodbye college

Juliet's p.o.v

'Ok have you got everything?' I looked around the room, seeing if we missed anything.

'No that's it. I've got food and loads of water bottles. Now tell me what the-'

'Common there outside! Quickly!' Niall grabbed the babes and ran downstairs, opening the door as the rest of the boys ran inside and shut the door. Rush or what?

'What the fuck Niall?! We've got the van loaded too!' Louis shouted in frustration. The other boys were all behind him, in shock too.

'Um...where's El, Perrie and Kay-'

'No time! We have to go! Have you got everything?' Lima snapped, grabbing some more bags with the food supply in. I was holding a bag with some clothes in and my mobile fully charged, so was Fiona. 

'What's with Liam?' I whispered to Niall, who was beside me.

'He...he had to leave her behind. He doesn't want her to get hurt. That's why none of the boys are bringing them. And don't worry about you and Fiona. You can come but if you do stay, police will investigate here and there, asking you questions. I don't think you could cope babe.' He held my waist as he told me. I gave a nod until I saw all the boys looking at us. Like eagles.

'What are you looking at?' Niall hissed. 


'Yeah babe?...oh fuck.' Everyone froze. Not a sound was made. Then, a dark shiver went down my spine as they knocked onto the door. 

'Hello? Anybody home?' That thick voice. The blue uniform blurring the window from the side of the doors. We were fucked.

'Guys...don't move a muscle.' Zayn whispered, talking slowly. 'They may think we're statues or a colourful wall cause of that type of glass they're looking through.'

All of us were bloody petrified. Any move, the police could get us. They were hungry wolves out there. And we were the victims.

'Hello? It's the police! We want to ask some questions throughout he neighbour hood. Are you in?'

Corse they'll think we're bloody in with the van outside. It felt like we were standing still for hours on end, but that fucking police officer wouldn't move outside. The  opening went quicker then expected as dark clouds filled the sky. We saw then, the officer make it's way down the pathway. Thank fucking god. we all gave a sign of relief before I went over to Fiona.

'Are you alright Fi?' Remember she is pregnant.

'Y-yeah...I'm good.'

'Fiona...I'm sorry. I can't let you go.' I whispered as tears came down my cheek with fright. I didn't want her to be in this situation. It wasn't her fault.

'What? No, it's just because I'm pregnant isn't it?'

'Yes and because you're my best friend! You're not involved in this! Just stay here!'

'But what happens then?? Those kidnapper people might-'

'They won't do a shit! Just order offline alright? Food and stuff ok? Lock everything every night too! Do you promise?' Tears were still heading down my cheek.


'No! You're staying! Do you promise!' I was shouted as I ruffled my hair.

'I...I promise.' I gave her a tight hug before she settled her bag done onto the wooden floor.

'Guys...' I sniffled. 'Lets go.' I gave Fiona one more tight hug before running out to their black van. It was very posh, not like a delivery van or something. Niall, Lou and Liam all threw the bags into the back as Zayn slid the side door open. I was about the climb in but hen I saw Fiona call my name at the door.

'What?' I shouted.

'What should I say to college? What about your parents?' My parents. I've forgotten all about my family. I didn't have a brother or sister. parents. Mum and Dad. How could I forget? And college? College? Maybe the boys could teach me? I went to a art and music college so...they're singers and...Zayn is good at art? But...what about my parents? They left me and Niall in England and moved abroad. They knew I had everything I needed. They loved me but wanted to see the world. And...I'm betting they don't know I'm in this situation.

'Don't worry about my parents! If they call say I'm busy or out!' I was about to slam the side door until Fiona shouted to me again.

'What about college?!' 

'Cancel my application on it! I can't do college anymore! Good luck bye!'

'Okay bye! Call me, I'll miss you!'

'Ill miss you more! Bye!' I slammed the door before the neighbour hood saw or the police came back to our street.

'Ready now?' Louis spoke, he was in the drivers seat, while Liam and Harry sat in the passenger seats at the front. There were three seats in the front, and just a large space in the back, where we laid the sheets and pillows down. The windows were tinted, another good thing too. Life couldn't get better aye? Living on a high way. And goodbye my life long Here comes bad girl Juliet, with the famous band One Direction. Here comes our life at life. Louie started the engine and violently slammed on the power, and we were off. I wonder where the road would lead us.

'Babe, you alright leaving?' Niall touched my knee as I sat crossed legged. 

'Yeah I'm fine. It's just...I can't believe I left college. My family all went through art and music and it passed onto me and-'

'We could teach you!' I looked up, wiping my tears.

'Y-you? What do you know about music and art?' That was probably the most fucking stupid questions I've ever said. Everyone laughed.

'Babe, if you haven't noticed, we're One Direction and we make songs and play instruments!' Niall burst down laughing. 'And this...this is why I love you!' He kissed my cheek as I glared at him. 'Okay I'm sorry! Look...I'll teach you! We all will, right guys?'

'Yeah!' I heard them all say, and I heard Harry murm under his breath.

'Cool! So you have college our way! And...everything's for free.' He winked at me and I smiled, kissing his cheek. 

'Thanks Nie. But what about-'

'Oo! Oo! Pick me! Me!' Zayn was like a student at primary school. I giggled of his response.

'Yes Zayn?'

'I can teach you art! It's sick!'

'You can't stop his graffi anywhere. He bloody loves it.' Niall whispered to me.

'Awh. That's sweet. Why don't you Nie take her top off as well as whispering her dirty talk?' He smirked as Niall punched his arm.

'if you don't want nice comments, I won't tell.'

'Sorry! Sorry!' He held his arms up. 






Hey guys! Sorry I haven't updated for a while but here's the next chapter! And could I possibly get 60+ likes before I do two chapters? Love you guys! Keep on reading! And comment below what you think and to update! Thank you guys! Ilysm <3




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