Story of my Life

Montgomery is an average girl who you would think is happy and sweet. But she also has a side no one has seen. Besides him. Will she figure out how to fall in love,or get hurt worse in the end?


1. Chapter 1

"Montgomery. Montgomery Barnett," I said,shaking the strangers hand.

"Strange name. But has a nice ring to it," he said,smirking at me. He seemed nice,for someone who I just met off of the streets. He looks around 17 or 18,with his brown hair swooping into his beautiful brown eyes.

But,that was before I learned about the real him...

The real,Liam Payne.


(4 years earlier,August 23rd,2010.)

Montgomery's P.O.V

Once Upon A Time's never really work for me. Neither do Happily Ever Afters.

Every relationship I've ever had ended up with the guy cheating on me,or getting in a harsh break up. Once,actually,one of them dumped me on the side of the road,a couple of miles down from my house.

I guess ya'll would like to get to know me better,huh? Well,I'm really a nobody. My name's Montgomery. Montgomery Barnett. I've never heard another person's name like that. But,back to the topic,I do play basketball for my school. I'm a post,which means I'm one of the tallest. I have dark brown hair and bright blue eyes. You know,the kind that everyone wishes they have? Yea,that's the color of mine.

Both of my parent's died in a car crash when I was around 10 or 11. Worst of all,my mom was expecting a little girl. I was gonna actually have a little sister,until the world decided that I shouldn't be happy.

I guess ya'll don't want to hear the rest of my sob story I call my life. So,I guess that's all you need to know about me. Now to get on to the story.

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