changing this one!!!!



                   Allison's POV:


  Today was a normal Monday at Greenup County High, except for this one boy. He was the new kid, and he looked so mysterious. I couldn't help but stare because I was so curious of what his name was and how he talked and just how he looked. He wore a camoflauge hoodie and jeans and cowboy boots. My god he was a good ol' country boy, this was such a good thing. So anyways I was planning a bonfire that weekend. I wanted to invite him, so I put a note on his desk. A few minutes later he walked in and found the note, opened it up, read it, folded it back up and put it into his hoodie pocket. I searched for any signs of a facial expression on his face and there was none, none at all. I frowned and turned around in my desk. It was so hard for me to be liked because I'm almost hated by everyone and I only have two real friends. I was hoping he actually had some interest in me. The rest of the day went by slow and steady. I saw him looking for a table at lunch and he sat alone. I sat with my normal group of friends at lunch every day and it was fun but I was focused on him the whole time.  My friend Payton asked me what I was staring at and I said ummm and then she saw exactly what I was starring at or who I was starring at I should say. She looked at me and said "ohhhhhh,I know".

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