My Spy

Name: Janie Hireling
Age: 19
Occupation: classified
~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Janie Hireling is working for the FBI. She doesn't kill people but she is a spy and she has to keep it a secret. She can't get close to anyone. But what happens when she meets someone who might just be the one to change? Will he be after her secret? Will she reveal her secret? Who is he?


2. Rebecca Jones, Lillian Celina, Joshua Siresat, and an authors note

Name: Rebecca Jones

A.K.A: Becca

Age: 19

Occupation: Secretary at Modest! Management.


Name: Lillian Celina

A.K.A: Lil' Lily or Lilly

Agent: #7

Age: 13

Occupation: Classified


Name: Joshua Siresat

A.K.A: Josh or Joshie

Age: 15

Occupation: Thief


Authors Note: Hey guys!!! This is the first Authors Note in this story and it's probably one of the important ones... So I want a special character and this will be one of the main characters so if you are interested then please leave your name, how old you wanna be, appearance, hobbies, and one of the things you might want to happen to you in the story. If I don't get any by November 1st then I will pick myself but if I get before then, then I will pick a person before then. Anyways hope you like it and when the story says "classified" then that means they can't tell anyone what their job is. 

XOXO~ Your awesome author

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