One band, One dream, One Shots... =)

A collection of One Direction One Shots. Taking requests too! Hope you like them guys but please don't nick my ideas!


1. How She Saved His Life

“I’m sorry Louis, but I just can’t stay any more, I have to go”. Those words, his ex-girlfriend Tahlia’s words, kept replaying in his mind, fuelled by the pints of Vodka and busy atmosphere of the pub. He left the pub with his band mates Liam, Harry, Zayn and Niall, who had to physically support the slurring, wobbly Louis who had tried to drown the pain of his recent breakup with pints of alcohol.

As they left the pub, Louis began to cause a commotion. “TAHLIA!!! TAHLIA!!!” He yelled as mates tried to calm him down. “TAHLIA!!!” he screamed “Okay Lou, calm down please” Harry begged him “yeah, come on Lou, it’s time for you to move on” Liam agreed. People around them scowled at Louis’s seemingly random outburst, but he was completely oblivious to this.

Louis pulled away from his four band mates and trailed behind them, as they continued to walk through the town. He breathed in the sickeningly fresh air. They crossed a river, walking over the bridge, but Louis stopped at the top. The boys however hadn’t noticed that Louis had stopped, and they carried on walking, assuming that he was still behind them.

But Louis had stopped, to think, and he peered out over the murky water. It was somehow calming to his confused, alcohol affected brain. He stared out and wondered if it would just be easier to just throw himself off the bridge. He shivered a little from a combination his hoodie not providing quite enough warmth against the cold night air and dark, frightening thoughts taking over his brain.

He took a step closer to the railing, and pulled himself up, so he could stand on it, before taking a moment and shuffling his feet a little, to get his balance. The lads stood about fifty metres away, and suddenly they looked back, realising that he wasn’t behind them. They saw him on the bridge railings, and started to sprint towards him, Liam in the lead, all screaming so that they could try and get him down.

 Louis composed himself. Without Tahlia, what was left in his world? He had nothing. He stepped even closer to the edge, balancing carefully. He was in his own little world filled with hatred at that moment and he could neither hear nor see the boys. Louis took a deep, shaky breath, realising it would be his last. He jumped off the bridge, not particularly gracefully, and fell down, into the river. He landed with a splash in the river, sinking down in the water, as it carried him downstream. He imagined that she was there with him. She was so pretty, and so gentle, yet so strong and knowledgeable, perfection in his eyes, but that perfection could never be his again.

Tahlia picked her mobile phone up off the table in her hallway. She was about to go out for a walk. She often did that in the evenings, either walk or jog, just to stay fit and let it all out. The caller ID said ‘Zayn’. She poked the ‘pick up call’ button. “Hey Zayn, how are you doing?” Tahlia said cheerily. The response that Tahlia got wasn’t what she expected. “Tahlia, it’s Niall, I’ve got Zayn’s phone, I left mine at home and he’s on a payphone calling the police. Listen, you need to get here quickly, as soon as you can make it. Louis’s thrown himself off a bridge into a river, because he can’t get over you. We’re at the bridge near yours”. “I know the one, Niall I’m on my way out of the house now.” She hung up and put the phone in her hoodie pocket, and grabbed her keys locking the door behind her.

She sprinted the short 200 metres to where Niall had told her that they were. She jogged up to the top of the bridge to where the four guys were stood, peering over the edge of the bridge.

“Boys, hi” she panted. “The Police and the Ambulance are on their way, we’ve been told we should stay here and try to remain calm and wait for them” Harry reassured, but Tahlia shook her head. “I’m going in there after him, I have to save him!”She screamed “Tahlia, he’ll be fine, just wait for the police!” Zayn told her. “But I love him!” she yelled, her voice shaking.

She kneeled down and started to undo her shoe laces. She pulled her shoes and socks off. “What if you drown in there yourself? We’ll all be worse off! Please don’t Tahl” Liam begged. “Look, I do know how to swim! And let’s face it, it’s not like I’ve never saved a drowning person’s life before!” she announced boldly. “But Tahlia, you haven’t... Are you drunk Tahlia?” Harry asked. She glared at him. “Sorry, I know that you don’t touch drink n’all, but...” Harry prompted “oh, the saving a life thing, yeah, I was in the sea, on holiday in Wales body boarding when I was 14 and this old lady was like drowning and being swept out to sea, so I went to save her... now I’m going in!”

She unzipped her hoodie and threw it to the floor. She took her top off revealing a vest, and rolled her trouser legs up into shorts. The boys refused to help her onto the railings, so she clambered up herself. She stood for a minute, to get her balance.

She dived into the water, not particularly well, but it was hardly the Olympics or anything. She hit the water with a big splash. The cold was what hit her first, it was freezing. Her eyes stung too, but she surfaced, took a large gulp of air, and then submerged her head again. She took each stroke strongly, and was constantly wary of which direction she was going in or if there were any currents.

She reached the spot where Louis was, but he was about three metres below the surface, it was very deep and it would be difficult for her. Tahlia took a massive breath of air, filling her entire lung capacity out, pushing her diaphragm down, as she’d been taught to in singing, to get as much air as she could. She dived down into the water, blowing tiny bubbles, carefully as she went further down.

At around the two metres deep, she felt the pressure change in her ears. It hurt her ears so badly, as her ears were very sensitive to pressure changes, but she knew that she had to persevere if she was to save Louis. She paddled harder and managed to grab hold of him.

She gripped hold of him tightly and held onto him under his arms. Tahlia kicked hard, to get him to the surface, knowing that the main priority was to get him breathing again. She held him up above her, so that his head would reach the surface before she did.

Louis coughed and spluttered as her reached the surface and began to breathe air again. He coughed hard to get the water out of his lungs. He felt weak, exhausted and dazed. Tahlia surfaced, and immediately started breathing. She supported all of Louis’s weight on one arm and used the other, long, tanned, muscular arm to pull them both through the water, paddling strongly with her feet. She eventually managed to pull him back to the river bank.

Harry and Zayn were at the side and he pulled Louis out of the water, dragging him up the muddy bank. He stood over Louis and then medical staff huddled round him. Niall and Liam went to the top of the river bank and they pulled Tahlia out of the water and up the slippery bank, her feet trying to find foot holds on the occasional rock. She was covered in mud and grass stains, soaked through and freezing cold. At last, she slumped down on the grass. She was wrapped in a blanket and handed a towel.

She crawled over to where Louis was lay. The paramedics had checked him for injuries and they had managed to clear his wind pipe of water so that he could breathe properly and he lay on the floor, exhausted. She kneeled down “Louis” Tahlia said quite quietly touching his wet face, rubbing her hand against his soft cheek. She gently dried his face with the towel she’d been given. His brown quiff had flopped down and slumped over his face. She ran her fingers through his fringe, and pushed it to the side of his face. He looked a mess, soaked through, his hoodie ruined, one of his Toms lost, his favourite chinos damp and stained and he looked pale and weary but to Tahlia, he looked more beautiful than ever before. She kissed his lips and he opened his eyes slowly and carefully.

He raised his head and coughed, and Tahlia put her hand behind his head to support it. She lowered his head back down to the ground, after she’d placed her towel, folded up underneath it. He looked her into her green eyes. “You saved my life” he said softly with his Yorkshire accent. “I love you Tahlia” He whispered, before gently sitting up with her help and support. “You saved my life” he told her “It was all worth it” she smiled “and I love you too”.

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