Sequel to everything's changed

This is the sequel to 'everything's changed' Alot more drama coming up and shocking parts. 4 years later..has everything changed?! READ!


6. Thorpe park:) (sexual scenes)

"I really dont want to go on this,it looks shit scary" harry moaned. "haz stop moaning,you can sit by me and zayn,i'll hold your hand if you want,its not that scary,just think positive" "i am but every time i think it reminds me of final destination when they all die on the roller coaster" "dont be silly haz" i laughed. We were lying up for the swarm,i cant wait,i love this ride!. "okay guys hop on" the man said to us. There were 2 seats on each side. "zayn can i sit by harry,i need to calm him down" i asked "yeah of course babe,and goodluck,see you at the bottom" we both laughed. "come on hazzabear im sitting next to you" "thankgod" he laughed. It sat me and harry on one side,then zayn and liam on the other side then louis and niall sat on the seats behind me and harry. Once everyone got on the ride the seats came down and the man came round to check if they were clicked in properly. "im s-so scared maria" harry worried me abit, but i know how it feels,i use to be terrified of rides until i went on every ride i could ever be scared of,now i love them. "harry,look at me" he listened to me and looked deep into my eyes. "you will be fine,just remember you are next to me,you're safe,just hold onto my hand the whole time,it will be fine i promise,and if you get scared just squeeze my hand and ill comfort you" "thank you so much maria,im glad you're here" we both smiled at eachother and the ride began. Whilst we were going slow i looked over to zayn who was laughing with liam. "ZAYN,I LOVE YOU" i shouted so he could hear me. "I LOVE YOU TOO MARIA" we then burst out laughing and then it got faster. Harry was screaming in my ear,im suprised my ear hasn't popped.

After like 2 minutes the ride finished,it went pretty fast,harry felt relieved after. Then we went on some other rides too. We went on: saw, stealth,colossus, nemesis inferno,tidal wave,rush and the slammer. It was honestly amazing. We were walking back to the car soaked from tidal wave,all laughing,i felt so happy. "babe,this feels so perfect" i muttered to zayn "perfect,like you" he smiled, I blushed abit. "zayn.." "yeah babe?" "i miss Jess" "we all do babe,even niall does,he still thinks about her you know" "does he?" "yeah babe" Once we jumped into the car we all just spoke about random things,at one point we spoke about carrots,mainly because of louis. I pulled my phone out and went of twitter. I looked through my mentions and got loads. "@annabelleslate:' Maria,i am so happy you have twitter back,are you and zayn going back out now?I HOPE SO!LOVE YOU BOTH" i decided to answer her "@maria_baker: @annabelleslate aw thank you,and yes we are back together:-) X" I looked through the rest of the notification and saw one which annoyed me. "@katie_mae: I bet maria's only back with zayn because she was too lonely and got bored so she wanted the fame back,aw bless her" i quickly replied back. "@maria_baker: @katie_mae excuse me?i am not with zayn for any other reason than that i LOVE him,so dont make false accusations please!" I refreshed my twitter to see a tweet from zayn. "@zaynmalik: such an amazing day with the boys and my gorgeous girlfriend, i love you so much @maria_baker!" i replied to it straight away. "maria_baker: @zaynmalik,i love you too babe" then i locked my phone and put it back in my jean pocket. 


"GUYS LETS DO A TWITCAM" louis shouted "yeah" we all agreed. We all got our phones out to warn everyone we were doing a twitcam. Until i got a Direction message from someone. it was jess. 'maria,im so glad you have twitter back,please phone me' she then messaged me her number. "guys ill be back out in a minute,i need to make a call to someone" "Okay" then all agreed. "you okay babe?" "yeah course zayn" i smiled then walked into zayn room. I dialled the number Jess gave me and waiting,she finally answered after the 3rd ring. "maria,is that you?" "yes,Jess its me" i felt so happy talking to her after 4 years. "Omg, maria i have missed you so much its unreal,so where are you living at the moment?" "well its all complicated,where are you?" "i have an apartment in london now" "oh great,im in london too,shall we meet for a coffee tomorrow,i really want to see you,we need a catch up" i laughed "yes!,text me the details in the morning,i have to go now,love you maria" "love you too" and with that i hung up.

I walked into the lounge whilst the boys were shouting on twitcam, it was rather amusing actually. "guys,calm it" i laughed,they all turned around and laughed too. "come on maria,come join us" i then walked over to the laptop and waved to everyone,they all wrote things on the chat saying my name and saying how much they have missed me. "love you guys" i said then walked over to the kitchen. I decided to make myself a hot chocolate. I felt two hands wrap around my waist and lift me up onto the kitchen island. i turned to see zayn,he was now standing inbetween my legs so i wrapped them around him. He started to kiss on my neck and i let out a few gasps. "zayn,no we cant do this now" i laughed he just carried on. "z-zayn stop it" i slapped his hands away and he laughed. "wait until late babe" he just agreed and went back tot he boys. Once i was done making my hot chocolate i joined the boys again who turned the twitcam off. "so what now?" i asked "lets watch toy story" liam shouted "no,we watch that all the time" niall laughed. "lets watch mama" i laughed "yeah okay" they all agreed. We all squeezed onto the corner sofa and put a blanket over us,i was inbetween zayn and harry,then it went louis,niall then liam. "oh zayn what are you guys doing tomorrow?" i asked "we have sound check" harry butted in. "okay" "why babe?" zayn asked "well,im meeting jess,she lives in london now and we are going to catch up with eachother" nialls face turned really pale,like he's seen a ghost or something. "sounds great" zayn spoke. then we watched the film. There were alot of jumpy scenes so i decided to hide and dig my head into zayn's chest. 

Once the film finished we all decided to go to bed. zayn grabbed my hand and literally ran into our bedroom. "calm down zayn" i laughed. he locked the bedroom door and picked me up so my legs were wrapped around him. He pushed me against the wall hard, we kissed eachother hard and i played with his hair whilst his hands were against the wall. He walked and dropped me onto the bed. I grabbed him by the collar and pulled him on top of me,i wrapped my legs around his back leaving him with no escape. He pulled my top off followed by my bra,i ripped his top off and started to kiss his bare chest. He pulled my trousers down followed by my pants whilst i did the same to him leaving us both naked. Iay on the bed whilst he kissed my neck softly then he kissed my belly and then the inside of my thighs making me moan in pleasure,he knew where my soft spots were. I then turned him over so he was lay on the bed and i was on top of him and i nibbled on his neck and kissed it leaving suction marks,i decided to licked his bare chest and travelled down next to his belly button, i then placed kissed around his belly button. I got further and further down until i was by his dick,i placed my hand on it and kissed the top of it making him growl in pleasure. I started to lick around it and licked in circles teasing him,i then got back on top of him and kissed his neck again,he turned my over so he was now on top of me and he kissed my lips hard,i tangled my fingers around the strands of his hair whilst he inserted himself into me,he got faster and faster until i couldn't take it anymore,i screamed with pleasure,"babe,shh" "z-z-zayn i cant" he smirked at me and carried on,its going to be so awkward in the morning around the boys. I moaned and moaned until he stopped. We both got under the covers and kissed eachother. "i love you so much zayn" "i love you too maria" i placed my head on his chest and closed my eyes,it felt so right to be in zayn's arms again.

















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