Sequel to everything's changed

This is the sequel to 'everything's changed' Alot more drama coming up and shocking parts. 4 years later..has everything changed?! READ!


7. Seeing Jess Again

"baby,wake up" i heard zayn's lusty morning voice calling me. "baby come on,i have to go to sound check now,and you're meeting jess today" once i heard jess's voice i got up. "i forgot about that,shit i need to text her." I left my phone it the kichen last night. I walked out of the room in one of zayn's long shirts. I walked over to the kitchen surface and grabbed my phone. "oh hey guys,didn't see you there" i smiled at them and they laughed. "whats so funny?" "we really do need to get earplugs, those walls are just to thin" liam laughed. "omg" i shouted how embarrassing. I laughed then walked back into zayns bedroom. "okay babe we're leaving now,see you later,i love you" "okay baby, i love you too" i kissed him then we walked out. I unlocked my phone and text jess. 'meet me in starbucks in 30 minutes' i then got a text back straight away. 'okay cant wait' and then i locked my phone again. I ran in to the bathroom and brushed my teeth,then looked through the some clothes. I put on a L.A/newyork crop tops with some blue high wasted denim shorts. I put some black trainer wedges on too.I wore a bowler hat and some sun glasses too. i wore the usual amount of makeup and left my hair wavy Once i was happy with my appearance i grabbed my black handbag and phone and walked out of the apartment. I locked it all up and then walked to starbucks to meet jess,it was only round the corner anyway. 

I sat at a table inside by the window waiting for Jess,I was drinking my hot chocolate and staring into thin air when a girl came over to me. "OMG JESS!"  i jumped up and hugged her so tight. "Hey maria" she sat down opposite me,i couldn't stop smiling she looked so good. "so whats going on with you atm jess?its been so long" "well,im living in a small apartment over town,i recently split up with my boyfriend mainly over the fact that i didn't love him,im working as a fashion designer in town,which is good money and thats about it,my life, so whats happened over the years maria, i have missed you so much" it felt so amazing hearing about jess.."Well here it goes,2 years after i left you all i met a man,i loved him,we ended up going out for 2 years,a couple of weeks ago i found out he was cheating, he kicked me out,i had to stay in a hotel for a night then i never had no money left,i was working as a receptionist at a hairdressers then found out it was being knocked down. I was homeless on the streets for 2 weeks,one day i got soaked in the rain these girls were shouting at me so i had ago at them then they were hitting me..then people came and stopped them and luckily enough they were one direction,i was so shocked to see them and they were shocked to see me i refused to go back to their house but they wouldn't stop beggins,cut it to the chase now im now living with them and im back with zayn" she looked at me shocked. "wow,all of that happened in a space of a couple of weeks?" "yeah pretty much" "you have had it hard babe,well im glad we met up because i missed you alot,how are the boys?hows niall?" she looked really concerned "they are great,when i told them i was meeting you today niall went really pale, what happened with you both you were perfect together?" "well i went through a rough stage,i was upset about you leaving and we both distanced from eachother,it wasn't working but we were madly in love with eachother" i smiled at her and got sipped my drink. "well want to come see them today?they are having a soundcheck now but they will be back soon,come back to the house with me?" "i would love to but im scared of seeing niall,its been 3 years since i haven't seen them" "it will be fine babe,i promise" "okay okay" i grabbed her hand and by bag and we walked back to the apartment.


Me and Jess were laughing and talking about our old memories in the lounge when the door swung open. "hey guys,jess is here" they all then smiled and ran to hug jess,but niall just went to get some food. "I've missed you all so much" Jess muttered "We have missed you too Jess,so anything been going on since we last saw you?" liam asked "not really,just been working and just recently split up with my boyfriend" "oh,were you going out long?" "not really just about 5 months,thats about it" "so where do you work?" harry asked "im a fashion designer" "thats cool" zayn muttered. It felt so nice for us all to be together again.







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