Sequel to everything's changed

This is the sequel to 'everything's changed' Alot more drama coming up and shocking parts. 4 years later..has everything changed?! READ!


2. How could this happen?

I lay on the sofa waiting for Carl to get back from the pub. I looked up at the ceiling thinking about everything thats happened in the past 4 years, its all gone so quickly. I then heard a bang and jumped up to see 2 shadows,i turned the lamp on to reveal the shadows. I witnessed something i wasn't expecting. I saw Carl kissing another girl,holding her up against the wall with her legs wrapped around him. "CARL WHAT THE FUCK DO YOU CALL THIS?" i shouted. "Oh shit,i didn't see you there babe" "yeah you were too busy kissing that slapper thats why" "calm down babe,we're both drunk,just having a little fun,calm down" "calm down?you have to be fucking kidding me,do you even know her?" "yes he does know me darling,we have been hooking up for 2 months now so dont you dare call me a slapper" the girl exclaimed. "excuse me,Carl explain to me how this isn't true,you haven't been seeing her for 2 months right?" "im sorry maria,its true" i got so angry and upset after that. "WHY THE FUCK WOULD YOU DO THIS CARL?YOU HAVE WASTED 2 YEARS OF A RELATIONSHIP BY DOING THIS?" "yes i have wasted 2 years of a relationship with you,a girl i dont even love,im in love with this girl here,not you,so why dont you do us all a favour and just fuck off" he started to get pissed off. tears streamed down my eyes,i ran to the room we shared together and packed my things,yet again reminding me of when i ran away from zayn and the guys and Jess. 


I opened my eyes i remember i was in a hotel room,I remembered last night,the argument with Carl,i now have no where to live,no car and now no money left apart from about 5 pound..I grabbed my phone from the stand and rang work up. "hello" "hello maria,have they told you then?" "told me what susan?" "that the hairdressers is being knocked down,we have all lost our jobs maria,another company brought it" "what the hell,why didn't anyone tell me this?" "i dont know,im sorry" "thanks for telling me" i shouted then ended the call. I threw my phone against the wall and started crying. Im done, I have nothing left. No money,no house and now no job. I jumped from the bed and got changed. I just slipped on a pair of black skinny jeans,a black boy london oversized jumper, a woolet burgandy beanie and some black vans, my hair was messy and wavy,i was to upset to even put makeup on. I heard a knock at the hotel door. "hello?" I then walked over to the door and opened it. "miss baker,we need you to leave the hotel in less that 30 minutes please,unless you pay us for another night or so" the man explained. "i have no money" "well you need to go miss,once you're done drop the keys off at reception,have a safe journey" "yeah whatever" i was so annoyed,i slammed the door,grabbed my suitcase and walked out the hotel room,i threw the hotel keys at the man onto the desk and walked out of the hotel,i have no money,no house, nothing. 
















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