Sequel to everything's changed

This is the sequel to 'everything's changed' Alot more drama coming up and shocking parts. 4 years later..has everything changed?! READ!


5. happy

"zayn,zayn wake up" i growled,he opened his brown beautiful eyes and smiled at me. "morning beautiful" his accent was so beautiful when he woke up. "zayn,whats the plan for today?" "well,im thinking we snuggle up together all day,sound perfect?" "yes zayn,that sounds perfect,but i dont want to stay in,i want to go out!" i jumped on his and started to tease him. "please zayn,or i'll hurt you" "i'll like to see you try beautiful" he whispered with his low morning voice. I decided to kiss his neck and place my hand gently onto his chest whilst running my fingers up and down his bare chest,i kissed his neck harder and started to suck on his gently skin. "okay okay,quit teasing,we will go out" "yay,told you i would hurt you" i laughed "wait until tonight,its payback" "is that a threat mr malik?" i teased "well,erm,yeah it is miss baker" we both burst out laughing then i got off the bed followed by him. I wore harry's onesie again and we both walked out into the kitchen to get breakfast. "you guys have fun last night?i think you forgot the walls are very thin" louis and the other boys burst out laughing, my cheeks turned bright red. "oo maria's blushing,come sit down cherry face" liam laughed. how embarrassing. "so you guys worked it out then?" niall asked. "yeah" we both agreed. "ok,change of subject,who's making me breakfast?" "i will babe" zayn demanded. "thanks mr malik" i laughed "you're welcome miss baker". I felt so happy,to think a few weeks ago i was on the street with nothing,now im with the boys again having a laugh like old times. Me and zayn are back together,everything's going amazingly. "Im going to activate my twitter back up today" i muttered. "good!" all the boys replied. I unlocked my phone and went on twitter,i activated it back and typed in my name to see if anyone has tweeted about me..i saw alot of tweets. "@misty217: ' i miss Maria baker so much,i wish she still had twitter,she was my inspiration" "@caitlynanton: ' GUYS I SAW JESS IN TOWN YESTERDAY WITH ONE DIRECTION,I THINK THEY HAVE ALL REUNITED,YAYAYAY!" i laughed at that. i decided to tweet letting everyone know i have twitter back. "@maria_baker:' HEY GUYS,yes iv'e just activated twitter back so i can talk to you all again,#ExcitingTimes been so long,love you all :-) X' I then locked my phone and placed it on the table. "pancakes ready for you my lady" zayn called. i walked over to the table at the island in the kitchen and sat down whilst eating the pancakes. "zayn,share them with me" "im not refusing" he laughed. I gave him a fork from the kitchen draw and we both dug in.


After spending 30 minutes showering and getting ready im finally ready to go out with the boys. we decided to go to Thorpe park. I AM SO EXCITED! i love roller coasters. I decided not to wear something too flashy so i've stuck with something im going to be comfortable in all day. The guys brought me alot of new clothes yesterday,thankfully i love all of them,they all have an amazing taste in fashion. Im wearing A grey flared out crop top,with some blue high wasted skinny jeans and red nike blazers. Also im wearing sunglasses, I've straightened by hair and puffed it up slightly to add some volume,and applied some lighter eyeshadows, foundation,mascara and some darkish red lipstick. I grabbed my phone and walked into the lounge to find all the boys ready. "you ready beautiful?" zayn asked with his gorgeous accent. "im ready hansome" "great lets go" harry shouted. we all started laughing and then we headed off to Thorpe park.










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