Sequel to everything's changed

This is the sequel to 'everything's changed' Alot more drama coming up and shocking parts. 4 years later..has everything changed?! READ!


3. getting worse

I curled up in the blanket against the wall. I leaned my head on my suitcase and decided to sleep. Its been 2 weeks since the night i found out Carl was cheating. Im not living homeless in the New York town on the floor in a blanket. I haven't ate in 2 days,only drank. I closed my eyes thinking about how much i have wrecked my life. 

I opened my eyes straight away to feel my head being banged on the ground,my suitcase was gone,someone stole it. I burst out crying,everything i had,everything i owned was in their,family pictures,clothes,memories,important things. I closed my eyes with tears in them and went back to sleep.


I was freezing when i woke up,it was raining so badly,i never had any shelter at all just a blanket,that's all i have left now. People walked past me laughing at me getting drenched in the cold rain. I was crying so much but you couldn't really tell because of the rain dripping on my face. I eyes had bags under then,i looked dreadful. There were crowds of girls everywhere in the town, they all laughed at me when they saw me. I saw a few girls coming up to me. "oi tramp" one of the girls shouted. "are you talking to me?" i asked angrily. "yeah,tramp,we are" "stop calling me a tramp its not funny" i shouted through the tears. "are you crying?want a bottle of milk baby?" the one girl shouted "just grow up all of you and fuck off,im 25,and you're like 15,you're only here to fangirl over boys probably now get the fuck away from me" "excuse me?you cant say all of this,you're the one tramping all over the floor begging for money probably for drugs instead of food,i hope you die,you bitch" "just fuckoff,im not begging either,i have no money and im not going to beg,i haven't ate in 2 days now fuck off and leave me alone" i shouted "tell us to fuck off again,i dare you" "oh you dare me do you?now fuck off and run home,cant you see im too tired for your shit" i shouted so hard now. they all crowded around me and started kicking me and pulling on my wet hair. "see you're not so tough for a 25 year old are you" they shouted "OI GIRLS,GET OFF HER,CANT YOU SEE SHE IS ALREADY IN PAIN,LEAVE HER ALONE" i heard a few boys shout from behind. All the girls turned around and started screaming and shouting things but i couldn't hear,i was too busy crying in pain. "girls,just leave us a minute yeah go home,its pouring it down with rain" they shouted and the girls must of done as they said as i didn't here them after that. i felt people crowd around me. "please leave me alone,i've had enough for one day,i cant deal with anything else" i shouted at them,they couldn't see me and i couldn't see them as my face was dug into my wet blanket. "we want to help you,we heard what you said to them girls,we heard you haven't ate in 2 days,thats really serious,we want to help" i heard a british accent explain,i new i recognized it but i just ignored them. "I dont need any help,this is my mess i'll sort it myself" i shouted "just get up,you're coming with us" "I dont know you" "look at us,we want to see a pretty face hiding behind that blanket" I slowly lifted my face up to face them. I saw 5 boys i didnt want to see at all,especially looking like this. "MARIA,IS THAT YOU?OMG" I heard harry and the rest of the boys shout but zayn just looked at my in shock,he couldn't speak,i dont blame him. "please go,i cant deal with this,not now,not ever" i shouted. "maria,we need to help you,come with us" liam demanded. i have no choice really, as much as iv'e missed them the memories are all coming back to me,i can't say no to them..never can i say no. "okay" they all helped pick me up except from zayn,he was still shocked i think. They put me in a car and we drove somewhere,i just drifted to sleep. 


"maria,maria,wake up" i heard a shout. "no Carl,im not getting up" i shouted back. "Its not Carl" then i remembered what happened yesterday..shit. I looked up awkwardly to see harry looking worried. "Harry,i have to go,i cant stay here,with you guys" "you have to,atleast until you get better anyway,we have breakfast for you" "thats sounds..great" i jumped up to find i was wearing a really long black shirt. Harry grabbed my hand and walked my to the kitchen where everyones eyes were on me. "Maria,are you feeling any better?" louis asked "erm,not really,if anything i feel worse" it felt so nice to be around the boys but it was wrong. I heard zayn say something under his breath but i just ignored him,he was an arse hole. "maria,we have missed you so much,we still talk about you like every day you know" niall spoke. "aw thanks but really you should of just forgot about me straight away,you all know i wasn't any good for any of you" "dont say that,you were what we needed,its amazing to finally have you back maria,we're all so worried about you thought,want to tell us what happened?" harry asked. "well i dont really want to,but i need to get it off my chest and i might as well tell you all now while you are all together. well when i left you all i tried to move on,2 years after i met someone,i ended up going out with him for two years,i loved him but 2 weeks ago i found out he was cheating on me for 2 months with some slapper,then he kicked me out of our house,i lost my job and someone stole my things,i was left with nothing,i was on the streets for 2 weeks" i then started to cry. "that must of been so horrible maria,you have all of us  now" they all hugged me except for zayn,he was acting really weird,he stared at me the whole time,his eyes were piercing inside of me,i just ignored him thought,i didnt want to deal with him,not now anyway. 

"maria,go take a shower then we're all going out shopping to get you some new things ok" "okay,thank you so much guys" I ran to the shower and jumped straight in,i realized how much i loved these guys and missed them so much.


we all walked around the town and paps were taking pictures of us,i was wearing some black skinny jeans on harry's and a white top of liams. "maria,you have changed so much" louis spoke "good or bad?" i asked "good,really good,you look more of an adult now,and you look more hotter with long hair" i burst out laughing "thanks lou lou" i laughed again. We all just laughed and laughed with eachother but zayn didn't he just kept staring at me which made me feel really uncomftable. "get on my back babe" harry smirked "harry,what are you on about?" "i'll give you a piggy back,like old times" i just started laughing then I jumped on his back. Everyone around town was staring at us. Harry then started to run fast with me still on his back. "harry stop running" i shouted "harry babe" i laughed then i put me down. Once he put me down we held eachother hands so they were locked together,it looked like we were going out but we wern't we just use to be bestfriends,i hope i can call him my bestfriend again. We all sat down outside a cafe and had a coffee. Zayn sat opposite me unfortunalty,he hasn't took his eyes off me. I looked at harry next to me and whispered into his ear. "i have missed you so much hazza" i laughed,then he whispered back in my ear. "i've miss you too babe,we can have a heart to heart later yeah?" "i would love to harry" then we hugged each other and looked towards everyone else. "get a room guys" liam laughed as me and harry were poking each others cheeks. "sh liam" i laughed When everyone was talking i decided to look at zayn,once my eyes looked at him they met his,he was still staring at me. I was going to look away but he began to lip something to me,he said "i've missed you" i didn't lip anything else but a tear escaped from my eye,i wiped it away and carried on talking to the rest of the boys. I couldn't talk to zayn,all the feelings are still there,i can feel them,but it kills knowing he's getting married,and when i lipped he missed me it tore me apart inside.








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