Sequel to everything's changed

This is the sequel to 'everything's changed' Alot more drama coming up and shocking parts. 4 years later..has everything changed?! READ!


4. Getting closer( sexual scenes)

I changed into One of the boy's Onesie's i found in their wardrobe and walked out to see them in the sofa's watching t'v. "maria,you like my Onesie i see" harry laughed "oh its yours?well yeah i do haha" "haha good" we both laughed then i sat next to the boys,zayn was sitting in the chair on his own,i could feel him staring at me yet again. "maria,what film shall we watch?" niall asked "ted" i laughed,they all agreed. "harry,can i talk to you now please?" i asked. "yeah, i need to talk to you" he spoke back. i grabbed his arm and pulled him into the spare room i was staying in,i locked the door so noone could disturb us and i walked to the bed.

Zayn's POV

It annoyed me so much seeing maria and harry flirt with eachother,and knowing they just went to talk annoyed me,what would they talk about? When i saw maria on the streets my heart broke,my love for her came running back. I cant stop staring at her, i love her so much but im meant to be getting married in a few months to Perrie. It kills me seeing her again,she looks even more perfect now,her hairs longer and darker and she just looks so..gorgeous,i dont think i can hold it in any longer,i need to talk to her.

Maria's POV

"harry,what happened with jess?" "well her and niall wernt working,she missed you too much and niall couldn't stand her crying all the time,he missed you so much he was trying to forget but he couldnt and he lost his spark with jess" "omg,they were perfect together,so whats happened with zayn then recently?" "well zayn took an overdose when you left,he wouldn't take it,he was in love with you maria,he didn't want anyone else,he told us he would choose you over fame and money anyday and zayn loves the fame. maria,he tried killing himself multiple times when you left he really couldn't live without you but we helped him through it,he got back with perrie for the company and she bragged about marriage and he thought maybe they could get married,maybe that will make him forget about you but it didn't,he cries every night calling your name out,he keeps having bad dreams about you,he's had to go to a therapistabout it all." i was so shocked,tears streamed down my face,i could handle it all i had to speak to him. "harry thanks but can we talk later,i need to talk to zayn right now" i cried out "are you sure?" "yes harry" then we both walked out together. "zayn" everyone looked at me worried that i spoke to zayn.."yeah?" he slurred out "can we talk for a minute please" "yeah sure" he sounded shaky, he came into the bedroom and i shut the door behind him and locked it. "z-zayn,harry just told me about everything you wen't throught because of me" i cried out. "maria,it's fine thats in the past,dont worry about it." i walked over to him and placed my hands on his face,i felt butterflies run through my body. "zayn,listen to me,i left you all for a reason,yes i hurt you and i would do anything to go back and tell you everything was going to be fine,but its too late,i regret hurting you,but dont you see,i hurt you?you deserved so much better than me" i cried again. "no maria,listen to me,i went through alot because i was upset,and i had the right to be,i was in love with you and i pictured our future together,i love you so much and i still do,dont blame yourself,and maria,maybe i do deserve someone else but they won't be you,and i want you" "zayn,you went through hell because of me" "yes and i would go through it all again if its means just getting you back" "zayn,we cant do this" "why not>im in love with you maria,i have been waiting 4 years for this moment and now i have it,im no way going to let it slip" "z-zayn,what about perrie?" "i dont love her,i just needed company and it was her idea to get married,i just agreed" "z-za-" but before i could finish my sentence his lips crashed onto mine,it felt so wrong but it was so right!,he kissed me hard yet so passionately. I played around with his hair and he picked me up so my legs were wrapped around his back. He then dropped me onto the bed and took the onesie off me, leaving me in just bra and pants. I pulled him by his shirt down to me and wrapped my legs around him then i ripped his shirt off,we both wanted each other so much right now. He slipped his trousers down and his boxers leaving himself completely naked. I looked at him up and down and bit my lip. He just smirked at me. I took off my bra and my pants then our lips joined together again. He started to kiss my neck and then he kissed around my belly button. I giggled and just carried on gently pulling strands of his hair, which made his groan. He placed his lips back onto mine and we carried on kissing, then he inserted himself inside of me,it felt so right doing all of this with him again after waiting 4 years. He began to pick up the speed and i groaned louder and louder until i screamed. "babe,shh,the guys are in the next room" zayn laughed,oh shit i forgot all about them. i just laughed and we carried on.

After making love with zayn for the first time in 4 years we finished,it honestly was amazing. "zayn,i have missed you so much" "i missed you so much too baby". 












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