Sequel to everything's changed

This is the sequel to 'everything's changed' Alot more drama coming up and shocking parts. 4 years later..has everything changed?! READ!


8. Bringing back memories

We were all sat around the lounge stuffing our faces with chocolate and crisps just like old times, we've all been hanging out with jess alot recently its been amazing but abit awkward with her and niall,i know what i have to do,i need to sort this out. "niall,can i speak to you a minute?" "yeah sure maria" I grabbed his hand and took him into mine and zayn's room,everyone looked confused but i just ignored them. I shut the door and sat on the bed next to a very confused niall. "so maria,what do you need to talk to me about?" "erm,well i think you can guess" i laughed "hm,is it about Jess?" "good guess,I want you two talking again,we will be hanging around with her alot now i guess and i dont want things to be awkward all the time,just talk to her" "maria,im still in love with her,my feelings came running back through my heart once i saw her the other day,as much as i tried to move on when we split up i couldnt,now seeing her has made things alot harder" "So if she liked you then you would go back out with her?" "it's not going to be easy maria,but yes i would never turn her down" Half way through his sentence the door opened and Jess appeared. "niall i didn't know you felt that way,im so sorry" she whispered whilst shutting the door so no one else would walk in. "right,i'll leave you two to it then" i laughed then walked out of the bedroom. "whats happening?" harry asked. "they're sorting things out" i muttered. "oh,its about time" liam laughed. i went over to sit by zayn when harry grabbed my arm. "maria,you know when you left,you forgot something" i starting getting pretty confused. "and whats that haz?" "you forgot to spend that day with me you promised" oh i forgot all about that,me and harry planned a day together to get closer because we distanced alot,he was my best friend. "well,maybe we can do that tomorrow?is that alright zayn?" "yeah babe its fine" he smiled "great" we both said in unison.

I jumped onto zayn's lap facing him. "i love you so much" i whispered gently into his ear. "i love you so much more" he whispered back. "shutup,im not arguing with you" "its a fact" "zayn shutup" I grabbed his hair and started playing around with it. "your hair is so sexy" i joked "just like you" he was so cheeky. "i like your outfit today mr malik,but it would look much better on the bedroom floor" i laughed "well i say your whole body would look better against the bedroom wall" "Guys can you atleast whisper quieter we can hear everything you're saying,god" louis laughed,i burst out laughing followed by zayn and the rest of the boys. "sorry tommo" i joked. "Babe i'll be back in a minute,im going to check on niall and Jess" I walked towards the room they were in came,well zayn's room,i quietly opened the door to something i didn't want to witness.They were having sex on the bed..on mine and zayn's bed..great. i quietly shut the door again and went back into the lounge shocked.. "whats happened?" louis asked. "well erm lets just say they have sorted things out,now they're having sex" i laughed, they all burst out laughing. Tears came to my eyes i was crying that hard. 

We all sat down for abit on the couch's until niall and Jess came out. "have a nice time making love?" louis burst out laughing,they both went bright red. "h-how did you know?" Jess got redder "while i came in to see if you were both okay and you seemed abit too caught up" i laughed. "OMG" niall and jess both screamed in unison. We all then decided to watch a movie. "toy story" liam shouted "no liam,its boring we always watch it" harry shouted "lets watch camp rock" i laughed "YEAH!" they all agreed and so we turned camp rock on.

















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