Sequel to everything's changed

This is the sequel to 'everything's changed' Alot more drama coming up and shocking parts. 4 years later..has everything changed?! READ!


9. A day with styles

"MARIA,WAKE UP,WAKE UP" I squeezed my eyes together before opening them to see a very excited harry. "oh hey harry,whats up?" "maria,get the hell up" "whats happened harry?" "its our day together today,remember?" he started jumping on the bed like a child. "Oh yeah,okay give me 30 minutes ok?" "okay babe,see ya" he laughed "yeah bye hazza" i laughed too. Great,so a day with harry styles,this should be fun,i missed harry so much. 

After brushing my teeth and showering I flicked through some clothes to wear. I looked out of the window to see the sun out,it looked boiling outside. I slipped on a denim long shirt which was basically a dress which came above my knees,with some black doc marten boots. I brushed through my curls making my hair wavy and I put some foundation on with some mascara and blusher. I put some sunglasses on then grabbed my big black bag. I grabbed my phone from the night stand and walked out to the lounge. "atleast put some trousers on babe" i heard from behind me,i looked to see zayn looking annoyed. "excuse me?" i coughed "i said-" "no,i know what you said but zayn,its a fucking dress,you really need to chill out,its boiling outside" i laughed "i just dont want people looking at you like you're just some girl with a short dress on,im just making a point" "well in future dont,because if its going to hurt me like that then dont fucking bother talking zayn" i was so angry,he acts just like my dad at times,which pisses me off. "harry,can we leave please,im not waiting here any longer being told what to wear when my 'boyfriend' can wear what he wants" "yeah course" "i didn't mean it like that maria" "save it zayn" i grabbed harry's arm and we walked straight out of the apartment. 

We jumped into harry's car and drove to the shops,even though it wasn't far harry is lazy. "What's up with you and zayn maria?" "what do you mean?" "well,why were you arguing earlier?" "well he was telling me to put something on under this dress,i told him it was a dress but he was babbling on about how he doesn't want boy looking at me like im just some little girl,which he basically means he doesn't want people thinking im a slut" "aw,you know what zayn's like he doesn't think before he speaks" "yep,i know" i said annoyed. "so styles,whats the plan?" "well,i thought abit of shopping,dinner,more shopping then talks" "sounds perfect babe" i laughed. When the car stopped we both got out,there were paps everywhere and soon enough spotted us. I smiled and waved at a few camera's and harry was just laughing at me. I started to hit him on the arm whilst the camera's were still in our faces. "oh no you didn't" he joked "yes i did darling" "you're so going to get it" he laughed. suddenly he threw me other his shoulder infront of the paps and started spinning me in circles. "harry,please,i feel dizzy" he just burst out laughing then put me down. "idiot" i choked. "may we ask a few questions Maria?" the paps were asking. "why not" i laughed."are you and harry styles dating?" most deffinatly not before people make rumors up,im dating zayn" i laughed harry just smiled. "how long have you been with zayn now?" "about 1 month now i think,yeah 1 month" "And why did you leave?are you still a songwriter?" "maria,you dont need to answer that" harry spoke "i am harry,they have the right to know" "well i left because it wasn't working out, i dont know why,everything just fell apart,since my song writing i distanced fro everyone so i just took a break fro longer than i expected and quit the contract" I smiled and walked away with harry. "MARIA,CAN WE HAVE SOME PICTURES WITH YOU AND HARR.Y?" I heard alot of girls ask. "erm harry" i moaned "yeah?" "lets do some pictures then grab a bite to eat" "sounds good to me" we both laughed. "we took alot of pictures with the girls and gave them some autographs. Once we were done we walked into a restaurant,it was gorgeous. Just as i was about to sit down i felt a rough touch on my wrist. "Come with me now" i turned around to see zayn,he looked angry,what the hell is wrong with him today. I brushed his hand from my wrist. "get off my zayn im spending time with harry" harry looked so confused but i dont blame him. "no,come with me now,im fed up of you" he spat. "zayn what are you on about" "you" "i dont have a "clue what you're on about zayn" "i saw the pictures of you from the paps,there's ones of you bending down and everything showing your pants,i told you not to wear the stupid dress maria,but what have you gone and done,you wore it" "zayn this has nothing to fucking do with you okay,im enjoying a day with my bestfriend,so leave us alone ok,we will speak about this later,i couldn't care less about the paps if they see my bum they see it,its not my fault i dont get privacy around town,i was just doing my shoe lace thats all its no big deal" "okay,come home later but dont expect me to be around,im fed up of it all the time maria,you're basically throwing yourself at other people,i thought we were going out" "zayn,you know what,this is what i hate about you,you just have to ruin everything and take everything too far,you know what this day was meant to be with me and harry and its ruined,everything keeps getting ruined just leave me alone, everyone." i shouted. I ran out of the restaurant and didn't stop running. 

Zayn's POV

I sounded so mean shouting at her like that,the excuse was pathetic too but i love her,i really do and she still doesn't know what publicity can do to people,and that pictures was bad,i just dont want her to get hurt,she doesn't understand,im doing this for a good reason not to ruin her day with harry and now iv'e lost her, she's ran away..again. "man whats up with you today?" harry asked,i forgot he was there. "what do you mean?" "i mean you have been on her case all day" "harry,you dont understand,i love her,i dont want people looking at her like she's a slut,the pictures are so bad and the angles,im just looking out for her,i love her so much i dont want her to get hurt." "i understand zayn,its just you have been acting weird all week" "just back off harry" i then stormed out of the restaurant and drove back home. 

Maria's POV

I was lay on mine and zayn's bed in tears, i saw the pictures zayn was on about,yeah they were embarrassing but i dont get why he had to shout about it and get angry. I heard the door bang shut, i got up and opened the bedroom door. "who's here?" i shouted walking out of the bedroom door way and into the lounge. "me" i heard a voice coming from the kitchen,i turned to see zayn in tears,he looked so upset,but why?. "z-zayn baby,whats the matter?" "im s-s-so sorry,iv'e been moody all week and i only got annoyed at the photo's because im fed up of paps perving all the time,i love you so much and im scared you're gonna get hurt" "zayn,look at me" i lifted his chin up and carried on talking. "i know you didnt mean to get angry,i understand why you got mad,iv'e seen the pictures too but thats life,yes im embarrassed, but i dont care,worse things have been around the internet than that,i worry more about why you are so upset than that stupid picture of my ass on display" " you really want to know huh?" "yes zayn,i really do,so tell me" "well, i've found out my bestfriend from bradford died last week,he had a rare illness which i had no clue about, noone told me because they were too scared too,i had the right to know,but i feel so empty inside,he was the only person who understood me through my childhood,we were bestfriends for 10 years,now look at us,i was too stuck up in fame to realise i never made enough time for him" i felt so sorry for zayn,now it all makes sense why he's been an arsehole all week. 



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