Sequel to everything's changed

This is the sequel to 'everything's changed' Alot more drama coming up and shocking parts. 4 years later..has everything changed?! READ!


1. 4 years later.

"Carl wake up,you will be late for work" i shouted. "hm,just  5 more minutes sweetie" "no Carl,get up now" He is so lazy its actually unreal. I jumped and jumped onto the bed so he would wake up but he wouldn't,i tried nearly everything. It reminded me of the time I tried to wake zayn up but he wouldn't get up,I always thought of zayn but I didn't love him anymore  I loved carl, That day of the argument with me and zayn changed everything,he cheated i was fed up. I decided to leave the next morning without saying a word,i wrote a letter to Jess but not to zayn,he deserved someone better,someone he would actually love so much that he wouldn't cheat on..i guess that was never going to be me. I got loads of tweets every day asking about me and zayn would tweet me everyday,i deleted twitter a few months after i left and i have a new phone so they have no way of contacting me. It hurt to leave,it really did but i was wrecking zayn's career he was so attached to me to even concentrate on stage performing. I ended the song writing when i left,i still get recognized a lot but if they ask me if I'm maria i'll deny and just walk away. Its been 4 years since i left,i've finally picked up my new life,its all going amazing,I found a man who I love to pieces, we have been going out for 2 years now and i wouldn't change any of it,its been great. We live in New york together in a small apartment but its perfect. I Also have a new job now,its not perfect but it's ideal. I work as a receptionist at a hairdressers, But carl earns alot of money,he works in a cashier sorting out money. So yeah this is my life now.

"CARL,PLEASE JUST GET UP" i shouted once again. "OKAY OKAY" he shouted back. I released a sigh and then walked to the kitchen to make breakfast before work. "Babe,im off now,see you later or maybe tonight if i go out for drinks with the boys" "okay Carl,see you later i love you" "i love you too" he then walked out leaving me all by myself. I grabbed the toast from the toasted, buttered it then ate it quickly. I grabbed an orange juice bottle from the fridge then locked the house up. Once the house was locked up and i was ready I left and jumped into my Range Rover,well Carl's Range Rover which i drive.

I drove down the street listening to the radio when something caught my attention. "here with us today is one direction,they bring us with some news" i turned the radio up and listened. "so zayn malik,we hear you're getting married to perrie edwards,is this true?" the women on the radio asked "yes,its 100% true,i love her with all my heart" once i heard the news my heart stopped,he was back with perrie,but this time getting married?i know i've moved on but I felt so heart broken hearing that he's getting married. I then carried on listening. "So niall,you have split up with ellie?" i was pretty shocked,i didn't know who ellie was but i knew he still loved Jess,they both split up a year after I left. "yes we have" he sounded relieved. I looked towards the road and saw i was at work,i parked the car then turned the radio off. I jumped out and locked the car up then walked into work. "goodmorning maria" "morning susan" i put my bags away and took my coat off and began answering th phone calls at the counter,another boring day.













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