I'm a Mermaid

This has to be the biggest secret of, Maya Taylor's life. She's a Mermaid. In this story, you'll be with Maya, on her journey through, romance, horror, depression, sadness and other things.


1. Becoming What I am

It was a breezy, summer day. I was at my Beach House with my parents, Meredith & James; and, you can't forget my little brother, Andrew. At Santa Monica Beach, it was extremely hot. I was actually ready for Winter. I decided to take a trip to the Ocean Cave Shore. Ocean Cave Shore was the most beautiful Ocean I've ever seen! It's crystal clear waters, refreshing aquatic smell and it was always empty for Peace & Quiet. I walked out of the Gazebo, and, into the house. I grabbed my yellow beach bag that read; Make a Splash, my favorite pair of sunglasses, and my surfing shorts. I put on my surfing shorts and headed to Ocean Cave Shore. I walk by a family of four building a sandcastle, spectacular looking surfer guys, with  flowing blonde hair and muscles. After maybe, 5 more minutes, I arrive at the beautiful, Ocean Cave Shore. It was more beautiful than the first time I saw it. I slipped my surfing shorts off and out them in my bag, just encase I forgot and left them. Then, quickly hopped into the Ocean. After I reached the surface from jumping in, I was refreshed. This feeling was the best feeling I've gotten this whole Summer. Then, something strange happened. It started raining; and there was a Twister, right in the Ocean. I swirled around and around, tears forming in my eyes. I started screaming for help. "Help, Help!" I shouted. I got pulled under, when I looked under me there was nobody, I thought I was drowning. But, when I opened my eyes. I could breathe, I could swim like a Professional. Also, I had a tail, and no longer had on my bikini. Instead, I had a purple;blue bra and my hair was purple and the tail I discovered, was a goregous mixture of Aqua and Purple. I surfaced, and, swam as fast as I could to the end of the Ocean Cave Shore. I dried off with my towel and, the tail, bra, purple hair was gone. I quickly got my stuff and exited the Ocean. I thought to myself, that must be why nobody goes there. Then it hit me, I'm now a Mermaid.

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