I'm A Father

Hey, I'm Kia. I have a family that I love back home, but I left them for Ireland. This is what you would have to go through for dedication. See, I'm THE hugest directioner I know, and I got challenged to prove it. So here goes...


4. Please come

Niall's POV


I got flashbacks of when she came round, wanting to meet me. Why is she here now?


STUPID NIALL! My head told me.


It's all my fault this girl( I need to learn her name) is homeless. I reached out my hand for her to take, but she shied away from me, pressing her back against the wall. A whimper escaped her lips and tears fell down her face.

''Listen, I'll help you! Please, it's my fault...''

''Shut up. It's not your fault.'' She whispered. Her brown messy hair fell down her face and her blue eyes were still glowing. I don't know how her eyes manage to shine like that even when she's in this state.

I took a step towards her, but to my surprise she didn't react.


Kia's POV

He walked closer to me, but for some reason, I didn't budge. I hate Niall with all my heart. He's the one that made me feel as crap as I do everyday. But I still felt safe near him. Maybe it's because he seems desperate to help me.


Oh, come on, Kia! He just pities you, you fool.


He still had his arm out, but I'm not touching HIM!

''Just get away from  me, I don't need your help.'' I muttered under my breath just about loud enough for him to hear me. I could see that his figured had tensed up, and his arm fell by his side. Good.

His head dropped and I heard him say something. I don't know what he said exactly but I ain't gonna listen to someone who has done this to me. I sold everything I had apart from my phone, to get food but it wasn't enough. I tried begging, but that didn't end well, and some nasty comments erupted from all around me. I had to steal or nick food to survive. And thinking about food, my tummy growled at me, punishing me for not feeding it.


Niall's head snapped up, a frown plastered on his face.


Niall's POV


I could feel a tear slide down my face, as I heard a growling.




''Love, I know you hate me. I don't blame you but you have to come home with me. You have to eat, please. You won't have to talk to me.'' I begged. At first I was confident she'd just nod and jump into my arms and I would take...I need to shut up.


''I SAID I DON'T NEED YOUR HELP!'' She snapped, causing me to jump.


''I know you don't...but please? You need to eat and I promise I won't get in your way, ever.'' I begged. It was a few minutes later until she sighed and nodded.


''Fine.'' She huffed. I smiled and held out my hand again.


Kia's POV

I took his hand as he led me through all the people. Ireland IS a busy place, but I love it. We arrived at where he claims is his house. It looked big and stylish, and kinda intimidating.


Niall unlocked the door, and in we went. He shut the door behind, which worried me.


''I'll be in my room.'' He said before walking out. ''Oh, your room is upstairs first one on the right.'' He added, coming back. I nodded and made my way up the stairs. I looked at the door that was 'my room' for a while before turning the handle and walking in. It smelt fresh and it looked really nice. There was a huge window, and next to it lay a bed with clean white sheets. I threw my phone down on the bedside table and jumped on the bed, causing it to creak a little.


This was gonna be a long night.




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