I'm A Father

Hey, I'm Kia. I have a family that I love back home, but I left them for Ireland. This is what you would have to go through for dedication. See, I'm THE hugest directioner I know, and I got challenged to prove it. So here goes...


5. Older Brother

Niall POV


The lads came round again this morning, and they were planning on staying for the night. Throughout the whole day, I hadn't muttered a word. I just stared into space, hating myself.


I made a fan hate me

I made a fan hate me

I made a fan hate me.


I couldn't believe I, Niall Horan, made an innocent girl's life as suckish as this. I had to make it up to her but she won't even talk to me. Someone pokes me in the head, which sets me off.


''What the... Dude, just leave me alone.'' I snap, after I've noticed it was Zayn. He's my best mate and everything, but now was just not the time.


''I'm sorry. But...are you okay?'' He asked, looking concerned. I try my best to smile, but I can't. I shake my head, as an unnoticed tear slips out of the corner of my eye.

''Aww man. Don't or you'll set me off.'' He whispers, making sure no one hears. He gathers me up in his arms and swings me. Zayn takes up the role of my dad, as my real one had died a year ago.


''Spill, mate.'' And so I do. I tell him everything. Even the part where I think I love her. After I'd finished explaining everything, Zayn gets up. I frown at him, clearly showing him that I know he's up to something.


''What? I need the loo, when you gotta go, you gotta go.'' He shrugs innocently and runs up the stairs. I just shake my head and return to watching thin air.


Zayn's POV


I ran up stairs and found the room that Kia was meant to be. I walked up to it, took a deep breath and walked in. I know I was supposed to knock, but that way she would never let me.


She was sat on her bed, staring at nothing at all, her face blank. When she noticed I was there, she gave me a fake smile and tilted her head.

''Yes?'' Her voice was smooth and I can definitely see why Niall might have a thing for her.


''I'm Zayn.'' I said, not knowing what else to say. She laughed and nodded.

''I know, I was a fan.'' She stopped laughing and looked down. I sat down on a chair and lifted her chin up.


''Niall never meant to hurt you.'' I spoke as clearly as I can, because I know it's the truth. Nialler had always had a soft spot for girls being upset.


''I know, Zayn. But he did.'' She sighed. Her light blue eyes were still shining, and happy but her face told a different story.


''He likes you, ya know?'' I said, jokefully nudging her. She giggled and shook her head.

''If he did, he would've at least said one word to me. Since I've come here all he did was tell me where my room was.''


''You told him to, remember? He didn't want to make you uncomfortable.''


''I know.'' She whispered. sighing again.


5 weeks later-


Kia's POV


Me and Zayn had gotten really close. But in a friendly way, he was like my older brother that I always wanted. And he was the only one who would talk to me in the house. Harry hates me, and got Louis on his side. But Liam...I don't know. At all.

 I wish they would talk to me. I really do.



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