I'm A Father

Hey, I'm Kia. I have a family that I love back home, but I left them for Ireland. This is what you would have to go through for dedication. See, I'm THE hugest directioner I know, and I got challenged to prove it. So here goes...


12. Not HIM again

Kia's POV


They all just looked at us, with a grin on each of their faces.

''What?'' Niall frowned, obviously having had enough of this.


''Had fun?'' Harry winked directly at me. I was surprised that Liam, the responsible one told them this.


''LIAM!'' I screeched at him, but he just laughed.


''I said nothing.'' He replied, shrugging, just as the rest of them started making fake orgasms. I looked at them, confused.


''You were so loud, I  wouldn't be surprised if the whole neighborhood heard.'' Zayn said, laughing. So for the rest of the morning, me and Niall got teased. The lads were saying things like,

''Smells fishy, have you cleaned your hands Niall?'

''I'm going in your room, better knock.''

''Used protection, Kia?''


After a while, they got bored and gave up. Zayn and Louis went off to play GTA 5, Liam and Niall went to have a chat about some girl Liam liked, and Harry just fell asleep. So I was pretty much alone, sitting there watching them do whatever they wanted.


An hour of sitting there not doing there later, I got up and went into our room, andsat down on our bed, re thinking everything Niall told me yesterday.

Who was that guy?

Why did he want to get fame that much?

Why did Niall not tell me his name? I knew he knew it, because they told me so when we eating breakfast.


Niall then came in and his face was completely white.


''Niall, what is it?'' Just then, I heard shouting outside.

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