I'm A Father

Hey, I'm Kia. I have a family that I love back home, but I left them for Ireland. This is what you would have to go through for dedication. See, I'm THE hugest directioner I know, and I got challenged to prove it. So here goes...


32. Jealousy

Louis' POV


I sank back under the sheets, a feeling of pity for Niall slowly growing in the pit of my stomach. I knew Harry had a thing for Kia, at times he made it clear, but today he went too far. I just hope he tells Niall, otherwise, I'll have to do it.


Kia's POV


I woke up, just to catch Harry leave the room. Stretching wide, I called out to see if Lou was awake.


"Hmm?" He replied, covering his whole face under the sheets.


"Get up, we better go downstairs to the lounge. I said I'll meet Niall there now." I sped, struggling out of the cocoon I made out of sheets in the middle of my nap. I heard Lou chuckle at me, before getting up with ease. I growled at him, finally able to push off all the sheets.


"Yeah, funny!" I said, sarcastically. He chuckled again, shuffling towards the door. Rolling my eyes, I followed him out.


We got in the elevator and pressed on bottom floor, waiting silently to get down there.


"Listen, Kia, Harry needs to tell you something. I can't tell you what it is but... just ask him." Louis spoke, breaking the silence. I frowned at him, not quite understanding what he meant.


"W-what do you mean?" I asked, my voice more shaky than intended.


"He...did something...!" Louis was now looking down at his fingers, which were busy fumbling with each other. I nodded slowly, even though it still didn't make much sense. Instead I pushed it to the back of my head to ask later.


"I'll ask him, then!" As soon as the words left my mouth, the elevator door popped open, with a cheerful ping. We both walked out to find all the lads in the hotel lounge, laughing at something Niall just said.


"Hey, guys." I cheered, slumping down in between Harry and Niall. Straight away, Harry budged over as far from me as he can, trying not to touch me.


That's weird?


He looked so vulnerable and innocent, yet the way his hands were pushed far in his pockets, and the way he avoided eye contact with me the whole night denied it.




Harry's POV


I couldn't help but sneak a few glances in her direction, but when she would turn to face me, I would instantly look away, not catching her eye. Every time Niall would kiss her, hold her hand or even smile at her, I could almost hear a crack burst from my heart.


I knew me and her weren't going to happen, it's just a clear no-no, but I couldn't help but feel jealous.

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