I'm A Father

Hey, I'm Kia. I have a family that I love back home, but I left them for Ireland. This is what you would have to go through for dedication. See, I'm THE hugest directioner I know, and I got challenged to prove it. So here goes...


16. I need to tell her

Niall's POV


The next day, I went to my mum's house. Just to calm her down and tell her that I've got my memory back. When I arrived, she opened the door, and a worried expression crossed her face.


''Hi, Niall! Do you rem...''

''Yes, mum. I remember you now.'' I said, giving her a hug. She sighed a sigh of relief and led me to the kitchen. I sat down on one of the chairs, as she sat opposite me.


''So, how did you get your memory back?'' How did I not guess she was going to ask me that?

''I, err, just did.'' I replied, blushing a little. But my mum knows me too much, hence the knowing face she's giving me now. I sighed, giving up. ''Kia and I...kissed.''


My mum gave a little squeal and clapped her hands together like a little kid. I shook my head, and laughed at her reaction, before getting up.


''Well, I better go. I'm meant to go meet the boys and Paul now.'' I said, giving her another hug, and then making my way out to the door. She nodded, hugged me back and with that I left for the door.


Kia's POV


There was the sound of keys rattling and then the front door was open, letting me see who it was. Niall then walked in, a huge grin on his face.


''What is it?'' I frowned, tilting my head to the side.

''I'm taking you on a date. Go put something cute on.'' He answered, and with that I nodded and legged it up the stairs to my room. When I got in, I opened my wardrobe, deciding what to wear. After a while, I chose a navy colored dress that was down to my ankles, a silver necklace, and my high heels.  I let my hair down, and straightened it.


Then I put on some mascara, a bit of foundation and powder and then a little bit of blush. When I was ready, I grabbed my phone and purse  and left, sorting my hair out. When I arrived, Niall was watching T.V already ready. He looked up, his face falling into was frozen. His mouth in an 'O' shape and his eyebrows were raised. I giggled slightly and took his hand, leading him to his Audi.




We arrived at some restaurant(which did look really fancy) and got in. 


''Niall Horan, and friend.'' Niall told the reservant lady. I looked at him weirdly. When did he reserve for this?


''This morning.'' He said when I asked him. I nodded and sat down at the table which the lady had shown us to. It was hidden away, where no one can disturb us, but we were near a window, which is always the best place for a date. I've liked being near a window since I was little, so it made me smile. Niall sat down and looked at me. I looked deep into his blue eyes, and we were like that for a while. In silence. But it was the complete opposite of awkward. 


''How do your eyes manage to shine like this all the time?'' He asked, breaking the silence. I laughed and shrugged.


''It's hard NOT to when I have you.'' I replied, poking his nose. He laughed, too, and wrinkled his nose cutely. ''Aww.'' I gushed, poking him again. He smiled and pecked me on the cheek, just as the waitress came to serve us.


''Hello, my name is Andrea and I will be your waitress for this evening. May I take your order?'' She asked. ''What would you like to drink?'' I looked down at the menu, frowning at the cost of these things.


''Babe, it's fine. I'm paying.'' Niall whispered, making me laugh.

''You are so romantic.'' I whispered back, before looking up at Andrea. ''I'll have some orange juice, please.'' I told her, seeing as I'm not old enough to drink yet. She nodded and turned to Niall for the first time, and her jaw dropped. Maybe she's a fan? Probably.


''And...I will have a red wine, thanks.'' Niall replied, sticking his tongue out at me. He knows I'm pissed at the fact than I'm not old enough to drink, so he chooses this to rub it in my face. I stick my tongue out at him too, making him laugh.


Ohh, how that laugh will be the death of me!


Andrea nodded, before leaving us alone. I turned around, only to see a few girls screaming in a whispering way. I smiled and waved, making them scream even more. I could hear Niall laugh behind me, and soon his hand was in my hair. I whipped around and gave him the evils. He was NOT going to make me do this in front of his fans. What if they take pictures?


But clearly he doesn't care, as ,soon enough, his lips were glued to mine. His hands followed a little pattern around my body, circling my breasts. I shook my head, but couldn't help it, as a moan escaped my lips.  That's when I remembered we were in public, so I pushed him off me. He stuck out his bottom lip and gave me puppy dog eyes.


''Not now.'' I muttered, through gritted teeth. He laughed, nodding his head. That's when Andrea arrived, with our drinks. We thanked her and started sipping at our drinks.


''So, how are things?'' Niall asked, as if he didn't know.


''Okay. I guess. Bit scared about twitter and all that later.'' I shrugged, hoping he understood.


''It was only a kiss. Not like we were having sex  or anything.''

''Yeah, cause having your hand caress every inch of my body is JUST kissing.''

''Babe, it's fine. Who cares what they think?''

''You're right. But why now?''

''Fine, I'll wait til we're at home.'' He winked at me, until Andrea came back, saving me from having to slap Niall in public. I'll save it for later.




A few minutes later, we were inside the house. I turned on my heel and slapped Niall. He gave me a weird look, so I explained.


''That was for you're teasing.'' I bit my lip, before continuing. '' But this os for being such a good kisser.''


With that, I grabbed his collar and our lips contacted, again. He smiled into the kiss, before picking me up off the floor, still kissing me, and running upstairs.


God, he's good!


He threw me on the bed and came in after me.

He stripped me so that I was naked, and I did the same to him. So we were both naked, the only thing on either of our bodies was a condom on him, and my bra on me. Not for long, as I tore the bra off, showing off my tits. He bit his lip before doing what he does best.


Niall's POV


I woke up still naked next to Kia. I smiled at the memory of last night. It was amazing. SHE was amazing. I kissed her, waking her up, before getting up, and putting on some clothes. She got up and did the same. Afterwards, we skipped downstairs and sat down on the sofa, turning on the telly. And me being famous, the whole world was now listening to some T.V presenter talking about my love life. Kia laughed and changed the channel, when a picture of us kissing was brought up. In the picture, my hand was just above her breast, my other one in her hair.


''At least they aren't saying bad things about us.'' I said, but she just shrugged, getting off the sofa. She walked into the kitchen, and minutes later, the smell of waffles filled my nostrils. I ran to the kitchen, pulling out a chair and sat down, as Kia put a few waffles on my plate. My mouth watered when I stuck my teeth into the sweet, flavored substance poured onto my tongue.


This just adds another reason to why I love her!


Cause I do. I love her. And I need to tell her that soon.

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