I'm A Father

Hey, I'm Kia. I have a family that I love back home, but I left them for Ireland. This is what you would have to go through for dedication. See, I'm THE hugest directioner I know, and I got challenged to prove it. So here goes...


23. I have a feeling...

Liam's POV


I woke up and drove to Niall and Kia's house, going in straight away. I ran into their bedroom to find them sleeping, wrapped around each other. A few weeks ago, I would've been jealous. Because I wanted a girlfriend, but now I have one.


Dusk. She's beautiful, tall and adorable with brown hair and grey/blue eyes. She's tanned and skinny and just makes me go crazy.


''GUESS WHAT, GUESS WHAT GUESS WHAT!'' I screamed in both of their ears. Their eyes flickered open, and frowned at me.


''What?'' Niall asked, with his famous morning voice. I giggled, before telling them the good news.


''I...have...a...girlfriend!'' I squealed, jumping onto their bed, making them wince.


''Congrats, love.'' Kia said, now fully awake.


''I think Louis has a girlfriend too? Called something like...Jordan.'' I chuckled, before getting off them, and running into the kitchen. I sat on the counter and waited for both of them to get in, which wasn't too long.


Niall's POV


I was so glad that Liam has finally found a girl. He's been single for so long, I was starting to worry.


''Babe, we better get up. Liam can't cook, you know.'' I heard Kia giggle. I nodded before jumping off the bed. ''PIGGY BACK.'' She screamed in my ear, and without a proper warning, she jumped onto my back, scaring me. I chuckled, and then started legging it around the house, as she screeched in my ear, begging me to stop.


''NIALLER! STOP, PLEASE!'' I laughed, and sped up, jumping over a chair. She wrapped her arm tighter around my waist, covering her eyes, and resting her head in the crook of my neck. I laughed, stopping at the dinner table, setting her down. I turned around and wrapped my arms around her, resting my forehead on hers.


''Never do that to me again.'' She smiled, pecking me slightly. And before she can say anything else, I connected my lips to her's smiling into the kiss. We broke apart, with her tugging at my bottom lip slightly, which just made me want her.


Kia's POV


I tucked at his bottom lip and got down from the table, as he growled. I smiled, pressing mybody onto his, feeling that he has a boner. I laughed at him breaking away from him.


''Control your dick, babe.'' I giggled, making him blush slightly. ''Aww.'' I kissed him once again, before escaping from his grip and charged into the kitchen.


''Hey Liam.'' I chirped, giving him a hug. He hugged back before breaking away and sitting down on the counter. ''So, spill.'' I grinned, nudging him a little.


''Well, she's coming over, so you can meet her. Oh and she's bringing a friend. If you don't mind?'' He asked for permission, not having to wait for long before getting my reply.


''YES YES YES! I WANNA MEET HER NOW, YAY!'' I sung, jumping at Liam giving him another hug. I finally get to meet the lucky girl and the lucky girl's friend. I giggled, as Niall came into the kitchen, pretending to swab his ears, wincing.


''What with all the excitement?'' He groaned, sitting on the counter, next to Liam. I laughed and hit his arm playfully.


''We get to meet the lucky girl.'' I explained, matter-of-factly. He nodded and jumped down, with a smirk playing on his lips.


''What girl is luckier than you, though?'' He breathed, an inch away from me. I smiled and shook my head, shrugging.


''No one, baby.'' I remarked, making him growl.


''Prove it.'' He whispered, resting his hand on my bum. I smiled, and kissed him on the lips, only to be interrupted by Liam throwing a coushon at us.


''Get a room.'' He shrieked, making us all laugh.


''Won't be long till it's you, hon.'' I returned the glare, jokefull. He smiled and nodded, as the door bell rang.


''It's her!'' Liam mouthed, running to the door and opening it.


''Hey babe.'' We heard a girl say. I gave Niall a look, and with that we both ran out of the kitchen to find Liam kissing a girl with long brown hair. We couldn't see her eyes, as they were closed. I smiled, giving Niall a knowing look and giggled.


''1...2...3!'' Niall mouthed, before both of us jumped on them screaming in their ears.


''Payback, Li.'' I patted him on the back, turning to face Dusk.


Next to her stood a girl with long wavy brownish hair. I smiled at both of them, before going in for a hug.


I have a feeling I'm about to make some new friends?

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