I'm A Father

Hey, I'm Kia. I have a family that I love back home, but I left them for Ireland. This is what you would have to go through for dedication. See, I'm THE hugest directioner I know, and I got challenged to prove it. So here goes...


26. He's a THREAT!

Kis'a POV


I was driving home, excitment building up inside me to get to wear my new clothes. I'm always like this; I but new clothes, and then dye of excitment of getting to try them on.


I had bought the dress and some bright blue heels and a cute goldish necklace. Krissy brought the black dress and ankle high boots. To be honest, they looked really cute on her. I smiled, parking near my house and getting out, Krissy soon doing the same. I got out my house keys, bloting it into the key hole, forcing the door open. When we were both in, the door secured shut, the boys came rushing up to us.


''Hey, where did you go? We got worried.'' Harry shot, as Niall came rushing in, gathering me up in his arms. I didn't complain, hugging him back.


''What? Can't best friends go out shopping every now and then?'' I shrugged, innocenty, and escaped to the kitchen. I dumped my bags down, and sighed, jumping onto the counter, as everyone else followed me.


''Oh.'' Niall, breathed, scratching the back of his neck awkwardly. I smiled, jumping down and running up to him.


''Don't worry baby.'' I jumped onto his back, as he manages to catch me, giving me a piggyback. Just then the phone rang. I got down, and made my way to the phone.


''Ahh, good old Kia, eh? How ya been, love?'' His evil voice boomed down the phone. I gawped and droppen the phone, backing away from it.


James' friend, Max.


I shook my head, as the phone fell to the ground, causing a slow motion bang. Krissy rushed into the living room, soon followed by the rest.


Max was the one who put James up to beating me. And raping me. He was the one who wanted me dead. He was the one who kicked me, hurt me. He's the one who laughed, as though he didn't just get his mate into a situation.


''Kia? What is it?'' Niall was soon behind me, wrapping his arms around my waist. ''Who is it?'' He spoke into the phone. ''Max, who's Max....WHAT?! YOU WHAT?! YOU LITTLE...'' He slammed down the phone and rushed back to my side, cooing and soothing me to calm down.


How did he know who I was? I never spoke back then.




No, no. He couldn't have. I brushed the thought off my shoulders before snapping back to real life.


''How...'' I muttered, looking around at all the boys' confused expressions. ''He's the one who put James up to...doing what he did.'' I shivered at the memory, before running up to my room.


Niall's POV


How can he have the nerve to PHONE us up, and practically ADMIT that he did that? I could feel my blood boil as Kia ran upstairs, soon followed bt a slam of her door.


That kid needed sorting, NOW!


I shook my head, as Zayn walked up to me.


''Mate, what are we going to do bout it?'' He murmered, resting an arm on my shoulder. I shrugged, hiding my head in my hands. Why?


Why is it always MY fault? I shouldn't have turned her around like that at the start. Now that Max knows our phone number, it won't take a genious to track us down, and then God only knows what he'll do. I got up, feircly.


''We're leaving. All of us.'' I announced, as they all frowned.


''But..'' Liam started, but I wasn't taking a no as an answer.


''NOW! He knows where we live, most likely. HE'S A THREAT!'' I screamed, trying to wake them up. They all nodded solemnly, walking up the stairs, without a sound. I smiled, slightly,, before heading towards Kia's room. I barged in, and announced my idea.


''Pack your bags, babe. We're leaving.''


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