I'm A Father

Hey, I'm Kia. I have a family that I love back home, but I left them for Ireland. This is what you would have to go through for dedication. See, I'm THE hugest directioner I know, and I got challenged to prove it. So here goes...


14. Forgive me?


 I was walking down the alleyway when I noticed a shadow deep in the dark. I frown, as the figure moves closer to me. I gasp and try to back up, just as another male blocks my way. I shake my head, furiously. The first guy wraps his arms around me, pushing me to the wall.


And with that, he did it. Afterwards, the second man kicked me twice, hard, on my stomach, making me wince. They ran off, laughing and teasing the first guy( some more guys had shown up) about how 'good' he was. They left me there, lying on the floor, clutching at my stomach in pain, and groaning loudly...




Kia's POV


James smiled devilishly and walked up to me, only to have Niall stop him. The other boys just stood there, confusion clearly written all over their faces.


''GET AWAY FROM HER!'' Niall screamed in James' ear, making him flinch. A tear drop ran down my face, in fear and, I guess, even hope.


Hope that Niall won't let him touch me.

Hope that James WILL leave.

Hope that Niall and I are still a thing.



''Oh? And why should I? She was perfectly GOOD last time.'' James whispered back, but loud enough for me to hear.


No no no! I didn't want Niall to know about this. Who knows what he will do? Who knows what his reaction will be like? I don't!


Niall just frowned, getting angrier and angrier every time James spoke.


''YOU FUCKING WHORE! WHAT DID YOU DO TO HER? HOW CAN YOU?HOW, JAMES? YOU CAN DO ANYTHING WITH US JUST...Please. Don't touch her.'' He calmed down and turned to face me, love clearly showing in his blue eyes. I smiled at him, before he turned back around and anger filled his eyes again.


James just laughed at Niall, making even me get angry. But before I could do or say anything, Niall was throwing punches and kicks at James. I closed my eyes in horror, only to hear Niall scream. I looked up and noticed Niall on the floor, blood all over his face. He was laying still, not even moving. I turned to face James, who was grinning, and ran up to him.




James' POV


I watched as they all fussed around Niall's still body. Zayn has long since gone to call the ambulance and Kia was laying next to him, holding his hand and crying her eyes out.


That's where I wanted to be. In Niall's place. Not dead, or bleeding, but having all these people care so much about me. I did what I did to have some attention and love. I raped Kia because she was perfect. Her adorable curls and her bright shining eyes. I wanted her, no, NEEDED her. And I thought it was the right thing to do. And I regretted it the second I left her, laying there maybe even dieing. And now I beat up her boyfriend and almost killed HIM. She will never forgive me. I hung my head in shame as the ambulance arrived, taking Niall away. But they wouldn't let Kia on as the van they had was only little.


The rest of the boys left to go to the hospital leaving me and Kia alone in the room. She looked up, hate in her eyes and I knew that I will have to do this.


''Kia..I'm sorry. When I did what I did to you in the alleyway, it was because I was drunk. And...I loved you. I knew you were homeless and thought that homeless people need it. But then you hated me. And I felt so terrible after leaving you there. I didn't know what had come over me, but I'm sorry. I beat your boyfriend up because he was so protective over you. He really loves you, you know? And I guess I got a little jealous. But I'm so so sorry.'' I blurted, on the verge of tears. Her face softened, but still didn't look too impressed.


''You didn't need to beat both of us up, though.'' She whispered. I nodded, and with that the tears burst out. I cried until I felt a pair of hands wrap around my waist. I looked up, and saw Kia smiling down at me.


''I'll forgive you. But only if you do ONE more thing.'' She started, frowning a little. I nodded, letting her know that I will do it. ''Let One Direction have their own will. No chasing them around anymore.'' She explained, catching me by surprise.


Should I agree? What should I say?







Anyway, what do you guys think he will say?

BTW thank you guys soooooooooooooooo

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And for those who don't know what the contract is for, read this:

- A man(James) wanted power over a famous band, i.e 1D

- He tricked them into handing over their power by faking a contract

- They his from him, not wanting James to control them

Soooooooooooooooo yeah, thanks again for the comments

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