I'm A Father

Hey, I'm Kia. I have a family that I love back home, but I left them for Ireland. This is what you would have to go through for dedication. See, I'm THE hugest directioner I know, and I got challenged to prove it. So here goes...


27. Extreme cute moments



But...to make up for it, have a long chapter;)

Plus watcha think bout my new username;)

Love ya'll <333


Kia's POV


We arrived at the airport very late at night, and were rushed in in case anyone spots us. I smiled to myself and reached up to Niall, pecking his cheek.


''This won't be bad. Think of it as a vacation.'' He whispered in my ear once he noticed I was getting worried.


''It's fine, babe.'' I chuckled slightly, before looking up at the times of leaving planes. Turns out the next plane to leave was to Australia. ''Guys this will have to do.'' I smiled, before heading over to the doors of the plane. I bought us all tickets from the lady and handed them out, recieving many thanks and smiles on the way.


''Hello, ladies and gentelamen, I'm here to announce that the plane for Australia WILL be leaving in only 5 minutes.'' A lady's voice spoke up, making us all jump.


''Shit, run.''I looked around, before finding the doors saying Australia and ran to it, closely followed by the rest of the boys. We managed to get to the plane just on time, and ran up the stairs to our planned seats. I looked down at my ticket and read the number written boldly at the top.




I walked down the hall of scattered people and sat down, looking around hopeing one of the boys are near me. But with my luck, I had an old lady on one side of me and the good old loveable window on the other. I sighed in reliefm seeing as I hate being away from windows on planes, and got out one of my magazines.


This will be a long flight.


I was woken up by someone shaking me by the shoulder.


''Escuse me, love. We're all leaving now.'' The old lady croaked, with a broken voice. I nodded, studying her face. She had drowning grey eyes which looked as though they were filled with life before, and her skin was tightly stretched across her bones, radiating a pale colour. Her hair was a deep black and styled in straws, falling out of her bright blue hat. From my guess, once apon a time, this old crinckly lady was once the most beautifull girl ever. I smiled kindly before standing up, collecting my bags from the cubby at the top. I waited for a while before spotting Zayn a while back, struggling with HIS own bags. I chuckled quietly to myself before propping my self up on one elbow.


''Oh, hey Kia. You can go, babe.'' Zayn cheered when he was close to me. I took hold of my bags and launched myself infront of Zayn, struggling through the croud of people.


''Thank you, Zayney.'' I winked, proud of my newly produced nickname for him.


''Zayney?'' He wrinkled his nose, before shrugging and pushing me forward. I giggled and sped through the crowd once again, and soon enough we were outside, waiting for the rest. I jumped out of the plane(sounds scary, huh!) and stumbled onto someone, as all my bags flew through the air.


''Kia?'' I heard a familiar chuckle from behind me. I looked up and saw that Liam had caught me and Harry was laughing his head off behind me.


''Wow, same old clumsy Kia, eh?'' Liam smiled, propping me up and collecting my bags. I shook my head and looked down, hoping my brightly lit cheeks were well hiddedn. This has GOT to be the most embarassing way of getting out of a plane.


''Don't worry, love. We all do it SOME time, right?'' Zayn winked handing over my bags. I nodded slightly as an arm was soon wrapped around my torso, scaring me. I screamed and turned around to see the irish bitch I loved.


''Shit, Niall! You scared me!'' I squeled, punching him on the arm. He just laughs and collects me in an arm, his bags filling his other.


''Wow, how strong do you wanna be?'' I smiled, digging my head into his chest and smelling the sweet scent of my lover.


Damn, do I love him, too?


''For you? Very!'' He confirms, lightly pecking the top of my head. I giggle and look up so instead we're kissing. But then we were rudely interupted byLouis coughing loudly to get out attention.


''Sorry to break this extremely...cute moment, but we're kinda now surrounded by...'' Before he could finish, I jumped out of Niall's arms and grabbed my bags, blushing to the extreme of feeling the heat creep up onto my cheeks. Niall chuckles but hugs me again, clearly not caring that we are going to be all over the news.


Little did he know, we just made life easy for the enemy.





Dun dun duuunnnn...

Scary, huh? I'm scared, defo... anyway feedback would be lovely?


Love ya's <333

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