I'm A Father

Hey, I'm Kia. I have a family that I love back home, but I left them for Ireland. This is what you would have to go through for dedication. See, I'm THE hugest directioner I know, and I got challenged to prove it. So here goes...


29. Dooche, much?

Kia's POV


I was woken up by someone shaking me. My eyes fluttered open and Niall was grinning at me, making me laugh!


''WE'RE HERE!'' He threw his arms up, almost wacking me in the process. I giggled again, before managing to push myself up and stretch. Louis, Zayn, Harry  and Liam were already out of the limo, and Niall had just jumped off. I got out and sheilded my eyes from the bright sun light.


''I thought we were going to arrive at night!'' I mumbled, scrunching my eyebrows together.


''Same, turns out there was a closer hotel to the one we were going to.'' Liam shrugged, grabbing Harry and Zayn's coats and dragging them into the hotel.


''HAHA!'' Niall's loveable laugh came from behind me, making me smile. Me, Louis and Niall follwed the boys into the warmth of the hotel and got our room keys. Turns out I'm sharing a room with Louis, which surprised me as I thought I was going to be with Niall. I brushed it off my shoulder and ran past Louis, making sure I get the best bed. I grabbed the key from his hand, glancing at the room number scrathed into the key.


''Oii!'' I heard him call, as the thunderous laugh from the other boys filled the room. I smirked devilishly before barging into the room which I would be staying at for a few weeks.


''Oh...my...god!'' I breathed. It was absoloutly beautiful. There was two beds facing each other, with the brightest of whites I've ever seen. One wall was practically a huge window, and it even had a balcony. There was lamps and little lights carved beautifully in the ceiling, brightening up the whole room. Soon enough, a gasping Louis joined me.


''BELLY FLOP!'' He screamed, running up to the bed and belly flopping on it. I laughed loudly, before doing the same to the other bed! It felt like heaven on Earth, bouncing me a couple of times, before letting me relax.


''DON'T SLEEP! YOU ONLY JUST WOKE UP...'' Louis screamed again, only this time, he was right up against my ear, making me jump.


''LOUIS, YOU LITTLE FUCKER!'' I screamed back, pressing my hands up against my heart, as it thumped loudly in my chest. Louis broke out into fits of laughter before once again, belly flopping onto the bed and falling asleep.


''Hipocrite!'' I mumbled to myself, before getting up and almost skipping to the en suit in the room. I stripped myself naked and hopped into the shower, twisting the knob as the cool water sprang to life apon my body. I sighed, smiling, relaxing for once. Soon enough I jumped out of the shower and wrapped a towel around my body. I got outside and quickly grabbed anything I found. Which happened to be baggy trousers and a tight long sleeve top.I brushed my hair out of my hair and let it dry itself. I was just about to get out of the room, when Harry barged in, gasping for air, and sweating madly.


''Haarrryyyy! I was changing a second ago, literally.'' I screeched, wideneing my eyes. He licked his lips and winked jokefully, as I threw a punch at his arm.


''Can I use your bathroom, Liam's kinda taking his time and I really need to go...'' He begged, fussing around like a kid. I chuckled loudly, but nodded and moved out of the way so that he can do his bussiness. What a dooche?





Short, I know, but I'm sooooooooooooooo mad and upset!!!

Someone deleted ALL my music and games that I PAID FOR, AND USED UP SOME OF MY MONEY, AND i DON'T KNOW WHO IT IS :'(




But I might update tomorrooooowww, so TUNE IN!

Always wanted to say that ;D


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