I'm A Father

Hey, I'm Kia. I have a family that I love back home, but I left them for Ireland. This is what you would have to go through for dedication. See, I'm THE hugest directioner I know, and I got challenged to prove it. So here goes...


11. Dont tease me

Kia's POV


When I had finally gotten tired, I managed to fall asleep, drifting off to where I will never have to face real life; my dreams.


Niall's POV


After a while, I came back in me and Kia's room. She was sleeping so peacefully, and I suddenly started hating myself for doing this to her the day I promised NEVER to hurt her. I needed to fix this, or I'm in trouble. I tried getting inro bed without waking her up, but that was just nothappening. Her eyes flew open, and caught me by surprise.


''Babe, look. I am s...'' But she interrupted me by grabbing me by the collar and kissing me. I was surprised at first, but after a while, I returned the kiss.  At one point it got so heated, so we broke apart, letting each other breath. After a while of just breathing and looking into each others eyes, she quickly ripped off my shirt, licking her lips. I never knew she wanted this, but she seemed like she needed it, so I let her. She placed her hands on my stomach, leaving me wanting more. So I undid her bra.


And you know what happened after that!


Liam's POV


I woke up, feeling hungry. But, embarrassing as it is, I can't cook. So I went into Niall and Kia's room, to find them both naked in bed and wide awake.


Kia's POV


I woke up, feeling the need for more. I found Niall still naked, and so I woke him up by smashing my lips to his. His eyes fluttered open, flipping us around, so that he was on top of me.


''Touch me.'' I breathed into his neck, feeling him tense up. Soon he relaxed, a smirk playing at his lips. He put his finger to my lips, hushing me. Slowly, he moved it down, circling my breast. Then he carried on until he got to the part I needed him to be. He did as told, causing me to scream in pleasure. He moved his finger in and out, faster and faster, just as Liam burst in...


I turned around, horror in my eyes, but Niall didn't see him. So he carried on, as I nudged him. He looked up and saw Liam standing there, not knowing how to react. Suddenly he realized what was going on, and ran out, covering his eyes. I tried getting Niall off me, but when I looked back down he wasn't there. Just then, I felt my slit getting wet. I looked down and saw Niall licking it, making me want more. He suddenly jerked his finger in, without a warning, making a moan burst out of my mouth. I smiled, and looked down at him, as he increased the speed, until I came. Niall looked down at his covered hand, and licked it. I smiled and got down under the covers. He frowned until I grabbed him and moved my hand up and down it.


Then an evil plan came into my mind.


I bent down and slightly touched my tongue with his measure. Then I backed away. I kept doing that, trying not to laugh.


''Don't. Tease. Me!'' He said, before thrusting his hip up, stuffing his measure into my mouth.


A few minutes later I decided to get up.


''We better get out of here, babe.'' I said, putting on some clothes. He groaned and got up, doing the same. We both walked out to find that the rest of the boys were up. I smiled innocently at them all in turn.



Sorry this is short, I'll carry on with it soon tho I promise XxxXxxXxxX

Keep commenting/liking/favoriting and all those things

I love u guys xXxXx

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