The forgetten prophecy: Deathly Halows [COMPLETED]

They cant live on the same world together...
They cant survive together...
Will Tom Marvolo Riddle ever come back? About this question wee can only speculate. Maybe he will return in a different form or some one will resurrect him because he made so many things what the world memorized. He will return in our herts to destroy them or to destroy our families.Wee can again only speculate but one is certainly; if he comes back no one will be able to stop him!

You-know-who is not forever left this world....



17. Time passes fast

Time passes fast

After a week Lily and James came back too Hogwarts.

They were sad and lazy before Christmas time. Then happiness start. Like every time in the great hall were 12 christmas trees.

It was snowing and a friend of James Daniel (Rebetion) woke James up.

Daniel: "Come wake up is snowing"

But James was death...


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