The forgetten prophecy: Deathly Halows [COMPLETED]

They cant live on the same world together...
They cant survive together...
Will Tom Marvolo Riddle ever come back? About this question wee can only speculate. Maybe he will return in a different form or some one will resurrect him because he made so many things what the world memorized. He will return in our herts to destroy them or to destroy our families.Wee can again only speculate but one is certainly; if he comes back no one will be able to stop him!

You-know-who is not forever left this world....



3. The story of Albus

The story of Albus




Harry was telling the story of his life,all years in Hogwarts and all his adventures. When the story ended Albus thought: "The Elder wand,the most powerful wand,the resurrection stone and the cloak of invisibility will make my the most powerful wizard in the history, the master of death! I could resurrect all big wizards and make an army and defeat the ministry and be more powerful then Harry and Voldemort! I must find the Elder wand!!!!"

This night he ran away of home. He came to Hogwarts on his broom. He found Hogwarts  accidentally,he bumped in it. Because you can't see or smell or here anything in the castle before you know that it is there. He felt down of his broom in the big hole,he was falling a lot of time when he  saw the floor he said: "Accio the Elder wand!" The wand entered in his hand and he shouted: "Reducto" ,and the bridge started falling. He then slow down his fall and went to the falling bridge. He was falling slowly like the bridge. The bridge has fallen but he jumped a second before the bridge has fallen and said: "Accio broom." The broom flied down to him and saved him. He flied up but then other parts of the bridge has fallen and he must avoid them quickly. He went to his house and waited above it when the Potters will go to King Cross. Then he went in the house and searched for the cloak of invisibility but it wasn't there.He followed the Potters and Weasleys to the King Cross. He hided close to Harry and listened. Ginny said: "See Malafoy is going on a suspicious place lets follow him with the cloak?"

Harry said on it: "No I gave the cloak to James because it was a mistake that I don't gave him the cloak in the first year. He is my best son."

When Albus heard that he was really angry. He flied away with his broom and followed the Hogwarts express to Hogwarts.



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