The forgetten prophecy: Deathly Halows [COMPLETED]

They cant live on the same world together...
They cant survive together...
Will Tom Marvolo Riddle ever come back? About this question wee can only speculate. Maybe he will return in a different form or some one will resurrect him because he made so many things what the world memorized. He will return in our herts to destroy them or to destroy our families.Wee can again only speculate but one is certainly; if he comes back no one will be able to stop him!

You-know-who is not forever left this world....



8. Disappearing to the past

Disappearing to the past

Harry tried to find him. But he wasnt there. James appeared at Hogwarts 25 years in the past because that was the only time when someone could appear or disappear there. The batlle of Hogwarts was running. Some spiders started attacking him. They were 1 meter away when Harry Potter 25 years younger helped him.

James recognized him: "Dad?"

Harry Potter: "What did you said?"

James: "Nothing...nothing"

Harry Potter: "I am Harry and who are you?"

James couldnt answer because a giant took Harry.

But Voldemort said then: "Stop attacking! Harry Potter you have time to the sunrise to come to me or i will kill everyone in the castle!!!"

James followed Harry to the woods but then in the forest a charm hit him and he felt to the ground. It was Albus!!!



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