The forgetten prophecy: Deathly Halows [COMPLETED]

They cant live on the same world together...
They cant survive together...
Will Tom Marvolo Riddle ever come back? About this question wee can only speculate. Maybe he will return in a different form or some one will resurrect him because he made so many things what the world memorized. He will return in our herts to destroy them or to destroy our families.Wee can again only speculate but one is certainly; if he comes back no one will be able to stop him!

You-know-who is not forever left this world....



10. Back to the battle of Hogwarts

Back to the battle of Hogwarts

When Albus turned the time-turner all started to going in circles. He was in the Ministry of magic again but alone. He went out of the Ministry and sat down on his broom. He flew to Hogwarts. The battle was starting when he came. He waited in the forest a very long time when Harry Potter came an after him James. Albus hit James with the petrificus totalus charm and him out of the way. Albus started following Harry Potter. When he took the stone of resurrection Albus stopped to follow Harry Potter. Harry then "resurrected" his death family and talked with them. He trowed the stone backwards on the way close to Albus. it wasnt a problem to take the stone.  Albus was the whole time in the cloak of invisibility. In his hand was still the Elder wand So when he touched the stone he became the master of death!!!!!! 

The death appeared. Because of the death appearing the ghost disappeared. They where still afraid about death so they flew away from Harry when Voldemort saw him.

Albus said: "I want to resurrect lord Voldemort!!!!"

The death spoke a language that only the master of death could understand: "He is still alive but  I have a meeting with him today. Should wee wait?"

Albus: "I think so..."

Death: "Do you know the payments of resurrection?"

Albus: "There are payments?"

Death: "Right! Do you want too here them?"

Albus: "Yeah!"

Death: "First of all for 1 resurrection 1000 of humans must die!!!!"

Albus: "Thats all because I think that Voldemort on my side will result 1000000 of deaths!"

Death; "No thats not all!"

Albus: "Continue."

Death: "Right. Because lord Voldemort's soul is damaged you mustn't pay with you whole soul only with a little little part... Wait a second. The soul is more damaged so you must pay with a smaller part then before."

(The part of Voldemort's soul in Harry was this second destroyed)

Death: "O.K. I will stop philosophizing. You must pay only a half of your soul."

Albus: "What a half? But you said a little little part!!!"

Death: "It is a little little part! If you whole soul is gone your forever death no Haven or Hallow!!!!!"

Albus: "Is Haven real?" 

Death: "Some one say yes some one no. I sincerely don't know!"

Albus: "Is there some thing else with the payments ?"

Death: "Yeah. If "100000" humans wont die in a year then I will take your whole soul."

Albus was terrified. He didn't said anything.

Death: "You agree?"

Albus: "Yy..eah-h-h"

The death must send an Petrificus totalus charm on Albus because he screamed so loudly about the soul ripping. When Albus again was conscious he was totally different his skin was pale and he was totally sunken.

Albus: "Give me my soul back!!!!!"

The death answered laughing because he lowed see human and mostly wizards in pain: "There is no back!!! Hahahahaha..."

Albus: "But why, ...why!!"

They didn't say a word some minutes. But then.

Death: "Voldemort is death!!!"

Albus: "Resurrect him!!!"

Albus agin started screaming because the last part of lord Voldemort soul was entering him!!!






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