I'm sorry, or am I?

A girl who gets abused by her dad,
a boy who's in love with someone he shouldn't be in love with,
a girl who cheats, lies and tricks innocent guys,
and a story which has never been told before...
But what happens when a girl says these two words TOO much?
These two words which are...
I'm Sorry!


3. Talk to me?

Kaylee's POV


I went to bed that night feeling sick and tired of the way my dad treated me. He would beat me for pointless reasons and  at the worst times. He sees me talking to another human other than him, he blow his head off. I try to do something nice to him, he would throw it back at my face, if I tried to have fun he would go through the roof.


But at least he doesn't rape me, and at least he doesn't force me to do anything like cleaning the house or buy him anything, all he does is hit, hit, hit. Sometimes I would catch him doing dodgy stuff, like chatting younger girls up or even watching porn. It made me sick, mostly because he's like older than 50, yet he searches up pictures of nude 20 year old girls. It makes me want my mum back, maybe he's doing it because he misses loving someone, yet he has me. But he uses me for all the wrong reasons. He only hits me. Every once in a while, he would make me watch his porno with him, but I always closed my eyes behind his back, pretending to watch. I pushed all these thoughts to the back of my head and soon enough I fell asleep.




I woke up,startled at how loud my alarm is. I went over and slammed it down hard, shutting it up. Groaning loudly, I pulled myself off the bed and dragged my feet behind me to the bathroom.  I did my business and got out, and walking over to my dresser. I brushed my hair neatly and let it flow down my back, before walking slowly to my wardrobe. I pulled out some skinny jeans and a white tee. I put on my trainers as I didn't have any other shoes and went out.


See, I don't go to school. But I have a job, and before you imply anything no, it's not at Nando's, nor is it in town anywhere. It's not even a bakery, but I'm a dinner lady at a first school. I know it seems weird that a nineteen year old is basically a teacher, but my dad needs the money to pay the bills (at least he pays them...I guess I do though, as I work, not him??). I walked down the street receiving many weird looks from people who probably don't like my outfit. But do I care? Nope!


Soon enough I arrived at the school, even though I was meant to start at 12:00, I like to come early and watch the little kids learn. It's always so cute, and it reminds me of when I was a kid. I smiled at all the teachers before entering a class. I didn't know which class it was, but the teacher looked nice.


''Hello, sir. Please can I sit and watch... I'm a dinner lady!'' I kindly say to the male teacher who looked about 40 years old.


''Of course, dear.'' He smiled, pointing at a stool in the corner. I smiled back at the nice lad and made my way over to stool, smiling at all the kids on the way.


When the lesson had ended, I walked out of the classroom, after thanking the teacher (who I leanrt his name was Mr. Balini, weird, I know). I made my way over to the teachers' toilets and went into a girl's one, even though I didn't need to.


** After work.


I was walking home and went past a load of screaming girls. Blocking my ears, I tried to dodge them, but they were EVERYWHERE!


''Urrgghhhh, shut UP!'' I groaned at them, and got dirty looks from the ones who heard me. I returned the stares and pushed past them, when I suddenly realized why they were screaming. One direction were all standing at the mall, with about 5 guards for each one. Liam turned around and his eyes locked with mine.


''Sh**'' I mumbled to myself before trying to disappear into the crowd. Soon enough the screams for Liam got louder around me and I felt a strong hand wrap tightly around my arm, pulling me back a little. All the girls gave me even worse looks and started saying mean stuff about me.


''Liam, are you two dating|?'' Excuse me?

''How long has it been?'' Oh, get a life.

''Lili, you can do so much better than IT!'' Well, it's definitely not you, babe.

''Oh my God, she looks like she just crawled out of her Momma's hole...'' If only they knew!

''Liam, you love ME not...THAT skunk bag!'' AHAHAHAHAHA, no.


How stupid can some of these people really be. Does that mean every time he touches a girl, they're suddenly dating?


Hugs a girl*  ''LIAM, ARE YOU DATING?''

Shakes a girl's hand*   ''LIAM, ARE YOU DATING?''

Arms accidentally touch*   "LIAM, ARE YOU DATING?''

Looks at a girl*    "LIAM, ARE YOU DATING?''

Breathes near a girl*   ''LIAM, ARE YOU DATING?''


God's sake, leave the poor boy alone already! I sigh as Liam tugged my arm away from the crowd, who soon enough turned their attention to the rest of the band.


''Let. Go. Of. Me!'' I struggled frantically trying to get out of his grip. But by the size of his abs and muscles, I knew it was useless, so I just gave up and let him pull me to where I was running away yesterday. ''Liam! I'm serious let GO!'' I almost screamed, making him jump.


''No, you won't let me talk to you.'' He fought back, smiling to himself. I sighed and rolled my eyes, before a good idea popped into my head.


''Well, my arm's hurting. Take the other one.'' I insisting. I let him hold my other arm, meaning I was facing him, walking backwards. I looked down at where I was going to aim, then, I lifted my knee, slamming it hard against his crotch. He let go of my hand in a blink and bent down, groaning in pain. I chuckled loudly before starting a sprint home.


I was about to turn a corner, when two muscular arms wrapped around my waist pulling me back. I screamed in shock and bit his arm so that he let go of me again, but this time I didn't run. I just stood there with my arms crossed over my chest.


''Well...?'' I asked waiting for him to 'talk'.


''Hi.'' He smiled awkwardly, tipping from his heels to the ball of his foot and back. He kept doing that and it was irritating me. so I firmly held his shoulder down so that he couldn't move.


''Stop that!'' I instructed, and he nodded, still smiling the same awkward smile. I smiled back and nodded my head as well as in saying thanks.


''You, er, wanted to...talk?'' I raised an eyebrow and he nodded, shrugging one shoulder.


''Not about anything, just...friendly talk?'' It sounded more as a question, so I nodded and started walking down to the play park, him following hot on my heel.






''Wanna play truth or dare?'' He asked, grinning stupidly, which made me laugh.


''Yes, I wanna play truth or dare.'' I giggled and ran to the swing set and sitting on one. He sat on the other and we pushed ourselves up.


''OK, I'll go first. Truth or dare?'' I scrunched up my nose, as it didn't feel right.


''Should I get the rest of the band?'' He suggested and I smiled.


''I'll wait here.'' He nodded and jumped off the swing and walked in the wrong direction from the lads.


''Other way.''  I called and giggled, as he turned swiftly on his heel and nodded.


''I-I knew that...I was just, err, I was checking that t-thing. Y-you know...I'LL GO GET THE BOYS!'' He screamed and started sprinting to where the boys were. I laughed loudly after him, and waited a while. Just then a girl came out of the bushes from behind me. I got scared that she would hit me because I get to hang out with Liam instead of her, but instead she smiled and sat down. She looked a little younger than me, but not too far off.


''You two are cute.'' She broke the silence making her way over the to the swing Liam was on. She traced her finger along it and I chuckled shaking my head.


''Nahh, we're not together. We're just...mates.'' I shrugged smiling.


''That's what they all say,'' She giggled. ''Leah.'' She put her hand up for me to shake, so I did so, smiling.



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