I'm sorry, or am I?

A girl who gets abused by her dad,
a boy who's in love with someone he shouldn't be in love with,
a girl who cheats, lies and tricks innocent guys,
and a story which has never been told before...
But what happens when a girl says these two words TOO much?
These two words which are...
I'm Sorry!


4. Please Stop.


There WILL be some sexual content in this chapter, I'm sorry but there needs to be. Please make sure you're older than 16 to read this, if you're not then please leave. If you DO read, it's at your own will.

Sorry again, but please DO comment and leave some feedback (like and favorite too), thank you!

Kaylee's POV


Me and Leah had started a conversation when Liam came back with the rest of the lads. We all introduced each other and sat in a circle on the grass.


''LETS PLAY TRUTH OR DARE!'' Louis screamed making us all laugh.


''I'll start then...'' I smiled and looked at everyone, careful on who to choose. ''HARRY, truth or dare?'' I smirked already knowing his answer.


''Pfftt, dare, biachh!'' He did the black-girl clicking finger thing and we all cracked up, while I decided on what to dare him.


''OK! I dare ya to... kiss one of these boys for five seconds.'' I grinned as all the boys' eyes widened. Harry stared at Louis and got up.


''Now, Lou...'' He winked and Lou winked back, before standing up. Harry moved closer, as did Louis until they kissed. Me and the rest of the boys cheered, however Leah seemed to be doing something, but I couldn't see her as I was only concentrating on the boys.


''I gotta go, guys.'' Leah hurried, getting up and started legging it out of the park without saying bye.


''That was weird?'' I mumbled, but then remembered that I better go home before dad gets mad. ''Actually, I better go too.'' I got up and gave each boy a hug. They waved bye as I raced down the road for home. I quickly got in and shut the door, turning around and bumping into a very angry looking father.


''Daddy, hi. I had... er... to help a teacher with the classroom check duty. Sorry, couldn't call you cause...'' I thought over an excuse, but then noticed I forgot my phone at the park. ''I lost my phone.'' At least it was true, partly. I'll have to go find it tomorrow.


''THAT! IS! NOT! AN! EXCUSE!'' He screamed between landing slaps in different parts of my body. I screamed out in pain at each one, but managed to stay dry-eyed.


''I'm s-sorry.'' I whispered, loud enough for him to hear me.


''SHUT THE F*** UP AND GO INTO MY OFFICE!'' He got closer and closer to me. ''Screw that... we can do it here...'' He smirked.


Wait, what? Do what?!


My dad then landed sloppy kisses up and down my neck, pushing me down to the floor. My eyes widened and I shook my head.


''N-no, please dad!'' I cried, real tears sliding down each cheek. He nodded but instead of saying anything, he bent down, landing little cry kisses up my legs, from my ankle and up. He had just gotten to my knees and now I was screaming at him to stop, but that only made him make the kisses wetter and his hands to slide up my body and rest on my boobs. His hands slid back down and pulled my trousers off my legs, and all I could do was cry.


''D-dad? Please?'' I whispered but that made his hand slide BACK up to my boobs. His lips rested just under the lace of my panties. His grip got tighter on my boobs and he started squeezing, making me cry out in pain. He chuckled loudly and bit on my panties, pulling them down my legs, so that my privates were now in view. I shut my eyes and begged even more.


''SHUT UP! IT'S ONLY FEELING TODAY, MORE LATER!'' He barked, making me lean back against the front door. Instead of fighting back like I wanted, I nodded and let him touch me, my eyes shut the whole time. I could feel him rip my shirt off, and undo my bra, leaving me completely naked. His finger traced my thighs and glided up to my clit. Then he did what I thought he would, making me scream so loud, NOT in pleasure, but in fright.

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