I'm sorry, or am I?

A girl who gets abused by her dad,
a boy who's in love with someone he shouldn't be in love with,
a girl who cheats, lies and tricks innocent guys,
and a story which has never been told before...
But what happens when a girl says these two words TOO much?
These two words which are...
I'm Sorry!


2. Just hanging out with some friends.

Megan's POV


''You can't love her when you have Megan trusting you like this!'' I heard one of them mumble to Liam. My eyes widened...WHAT? I cannot let him love anyone else, then THEY will get all the fame and attention. I smoothed down my dress and strutted over to where they were standing, but I'm guessing Liam didn't see me, as he just walked out of the shop anger clearly showing in his face. I shrugged and ran out of the shop after him.


''Baby? Li, baby!'' I ran after him, trying to get his attention.


''WHAT?'' He snapped, taking me by surprise. ''Leave me alone, Megs, I need to think things through.'' He faked a smile and then turned around and stomped off down the road. I looked at him for a while, trying to make sure he wasn't up to anything suspicious behind my back. He turned a corner and entered a small play park, which I found funny as pictures will be spread all around the world of a teenager looking depressed in a babies area.


Lets just hope I don't get into a mess through this, eh? I shrugged and turned back around heading for the shop, where all the boys were waiting.


Liam's POV


I was sitting on the swing, dragging my feet along the dirt when something caught my eye. It was the girl from the shop. I looked behind me to make sure no one was looking, before slipping out of the park and following the girl.


''Hey, wait up!'' I called, waving my arms around to get her attention. She turned around and sighed, then surprisingly she turned back around and carried on walking. ''Hey, please hang on.'' I was yelling now, trying to get her to stop.


''No! You've got fame, that will be bad for me.'' She yelled back without turning aroung, flicking some of her shiney black hair out of her eye. I frowned slightly, not understanding her, before starting a light jog to catch up.


''I'm not that bad, trust me. I just want to talk to you? Please?'' I stopped moving as she finally turned around. I thought she was going to walk up to me, when she turned back around and started sprinting. I didn't know my way around here, but I noticed there was absoloutly no one else here other than me and...that girl.


''Just leave me alone!'' She yelled, before turning a corner, and completely losing me.


''Ohh!'' I sighed sadly, finally giving up. I turned around and dragged my feet along the pavement back to the shop, where I'm hoping the boys are still waiting.


Kaylee's POV


I looked over my shoulder to see that I had lost him, so I slowed down, quietly trying to catch my breath. To be honest, I DID want to stop, to turn around and be friends with this...L-Liam was it? But something in my heart had told me to keep running, that only badness could come along with fame. I sighed before grabbing my rainbow pencil and tearing the plastic off of it. I qiuckly started to suck it, as the flavour of fruits filled my mouth, over powering my taste buds. I smiled softly, before making my way back home.


I shut the door behind me, running up the stairs to my room, hopefully not getting caught by my dad.


''KAYLEE!'' His roar filled the once silent house.


Way to go, being unnoticed, Kay!


''Y-yes, father-r?'' I softly whispered, fearing my punishment this time.


If you hadn't already guessed, I get beaten up by my dad. He killed my mum, and now I'm forced to live with him for life. He beats me every single day for the stupidest of reasons. But all I can do is sit and make myself look OK outside the house.


''WHERE HAVE YOU BEEN?'' He screamed once again, sending chills up and down my spine.


''J-just out with s-some f-f-frineds, f-father!'' I lied, trying to smile, but my shivers were over taking my facial expression and my dad's eyes were clearly filled with rage.


''JUST OUT WITH SOME FIRENDS? JUST OUT WITH SOME FRIENDS? BITCH, YOU HAVE NO FRIENDS!'' He raised his voice even more, inching closer and closer to me, as I backed up against the wall.


''I-I'm s-sorry, father. I-it w-w-won't happen a-agian, I p-promise.'' I shyed up a stair, as my dad nodded still filled with rage.


''It better not!'' He muttered, before rushing up the stairs to me and BOOM, his hand had just met my face. I whimpered, closing my eyes waiting for the next thing, when his foot crashed against my stomach, sending me down the floor. I whinced in pain, before getting up to see my dad leave for the kitchen, muttering the worst things crossing his mind. A tear casaded down my cheek, as I wiped it away quickly and ran up to my room.


I looked in the mirror to see that I had a black eye and my left cheek had swollen. Lifting my shirt up, I noticed that I also had a purple bruise marking my dad's foot mark. Another tear managed to slip out and soon enough, there was a whole army of tears flowing down each cheek.

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