The Right One

well this is my first story yay!!! it is coming from the top of my head so hope you enjoy. it is about a girl starting a new school and she is trying to focus on school work, but one day 5 boys come into her life. Who will she fall for??Will there be bumps in the rode of her romance?


1. First day of HELL

Today is the first day of school, which is like hell cause it is the first day. I wake up and jumped in the shower. I wash my hair with my special scented shampoo and conditioner. I turn off the water and wrap a towel around myself. I wipe the steam from the warm shower water of the mirror and start brushing my teeth. When I think my teeth are minty fresh I go to my walk-in closet and pick out my outfit . I pick out a white pair of jeans, black tank, blue cut off shirt that says "Crazy mofo" in black letters, black vans, and my fave black and blue mixed beany. I go to the bathroom and finish my hair. I take my long blond hair and fishtail it. I go into my make up bag and grab some mascara, and eye liner, to make my green/ blue eyes pop. People say I don't need cover up cause my natural tan skin is better. I grab my bag and run down stairs so I wouldn't be late for my first day. When I pull my blue mustang in the parking lot, I see five range rovers( blue, black, purple, redx2).'' I wonder who could drive those'', I think to myself. I walk through the front doors and see five boys with girls all around them. I tried getting around the crowed until I bump into somebody dropping all my books. I bent down to collect my fallen books as the person I bumped into did also. '' I'm so sorry, I should of watched where I was going'', I said before looking up to see a pair of ocean blue eyes. He has blond hair and brunet at the roots. He was a couple inches taller than me.'' No, no, I'm sorry, I was in your way'', he said blushing.'' I'm Niall'', he said with a big smile that shows of his pearly white teeth. '' Vanessa, nice to meet you''. I could see he was staring straight into my eyes, and I could tell I was doing the same. I could feel all the glares I was getting from the group of girls.'' So I will see you later then'', he said smiling at me. Ya I guess I will, I replied back. I walked passed him, I could feel him staring at me. I blushed a little walking to my first period. I am greeted by a group of guys standing in the door way.'' Hey babe'', I heard a black haired boy with chocolate eyes say. I rolled my eyes and walked to a empty desk. I could hear footsteps behind me, it was the kid at the door way. His eyes snaked up and down my body, clearly checking me out.'' The names Zayn'', he said. Vanessa, I replied.'' You look good in those jeans'', he said looking at my bum. My eyes are up her, I pointed out.'' You will be mine''. he said determined, walking away and winking at me. Never in a million years, better yet never in your wildest dreams, I mumble to myself. Through out first period I could feel Zayn staring at me. The bell sounded for the end of class. I walked out passing some lockers, and passing a janitor closet. Someone grabbed my wrist and pulled me into the room pinning me up against the wall. He has my hands pined over my head with one hand, and the other hand over my mouth. I look and see it's Zayn. He has a smirk on his face. He came in closer, I could feel his warm breath on my skin. It made my back shiver.'' I told you, you will be mine'', he said pushing his body into my mine. He started kissing my neck, sucking, and biting, giving me love bites. I try pushing him off of me, but he was to strong. I moved my legs and kicked him '' where the sun don't shine''. He fell down on the floor. I could tell he was fighting bake some tears.'' Feisty one are you'', he said. I rolled my eyes, and walked to my second period class not looking back. Good morning Ms. Hyns.'' Morning Vanessa'', she said with a big smile. Where do you want me to sit?'' You can sit by Mr. Styles. Mr. Styles please raise your hand'', she said. I see a hand shoot up. I giggle to myself and blush. I could see he was to.'' Hi love, my name is Harry'', he said smiling at me. I'm Vanessa, I said smiling. while the teacher was talking I seen a note fly onto my desk. I open the note up and read,'' Will you sit with me and some of my friends at lunch''. I'm guessing Harry wrote it. He had nice hand writing. I looked over at him and nodded. I could see him do a happy dance at the corner of my eye when I turned to face the front. I laughed in my head. Another note was on my desk, it said,'' Thanks love, I will wait by the front doors of the café''. I nodded. the bell sounded and I went to my third period. I see a brown haired green/blue eyed boy. He was making everybody laugh with another brown haired boy with brown eyes. Both of there eyes traveled to the door at me. Both of the boys raced towards me. I backed up a little.'' Hi i'm Liam'', said the brown eyed boy.'' And i'm Louis Tommo Tomlinson'', said the boy with the blue/green eyes. I laughed a little from how he introduced himself. I'm Vanessa, I replied.'' Come sit near me'', Louis said.'' No near me'', Liam argued. How about in the middle, I suggested.'' Ok'', they both said in unison. Time passed in third , before I knew it the bell rings. I walked into my fourth period class, and all the girls gave me a death glair.'' Hey Vanessa'', Niall said coming up to me. Hey Niall, I said back.'' Come sit with us'', he said grabbing my hand. As I walked behind Niall I could feel there glairs burn holes through me.'' So where are you sitting for lunch'', Niall asked. I'm suppose to be waiting for someone.'' Cool I will wait with you then'', he said. I nodded and looked at the board. After the bell rang for lunch, Niall waited with me in front of the café.'' Vanessa, Niall'', I hear Harry yell. I could see his curls bouncing, and see his emerald green eyes glowing.'' Hey Harry'', Niall said. Niall put his arm around my neck. I could see jealousy in Harry's eyes. He seen me staring then looked away. Niall walked up to a table. I seen Zayn, Louis, and Liam look at Niall with his arm around me. Jealousy  is running through there eyes. Niall sat on the left of me and Harry sat on the right.'' So Vanessa we know your name, but we want to know more about you'', Louis said, and the boys nod in agreement. Well my favorite color is blue.'' Mine to'', Niall said. I like to sing, act, dance, and hang with my friends and all.'' Wow your really talented'' Louis said. So what about you all?'' We love to sing, and Lou loves to act'', Liam said.'' I love to play the guitar'', Niall said.'' I love to draw'', Zayn said.'' I love to cook'', Harry said. that's really cool. I wish I could play the guitar and cook. I'm actually good at drawing. We talked for a while. The weird thing is Harry has not talked except for that one time.'' What other classes you got'', Zayn asked.'' You have 5 and 6 with me, and 7th with Zayn'', Harry said. UUUGGG, I said in my head. I smiled and said ok. Zayn was starring at me. He was biting his bottom lip. Grate I have Zayn for 7th. The bell rang, and Harry walked me to class. I walked in the room and saw my best friend Makenzie. I ran up to her and we both hugged each other. I hear Harry clear his voice. Oh ya, mak this is Harry. She put on a smile and said hi.'' Hey'', he said.'' OMG, you have to sit by me'', she said pulling my arm. I grabbed Harry's arm and pulled him with us. when mak was talking to some other friends I turned around, and asked Harry, what is wrong?


Harrys pov

I really like Vanessa, and I can see the other boys do to. I can see the way Niall, Louis, and Liam look at her. Don't even get me started on Zayn. I was looking at Vanessa's blond hair until she turned around and asked,'' What is wrong?'' I put on my fake at smile and told her I was just thinking. She nodded and turned back around. Through the whole class period I was watching Vanessa's movements how she played with her hair and how she doodled on her paper when she gets bored. Maybe I should start being really good friends and see where that takes me. As the bell rang we made our way out the door Vanessa told Mak bye and walked the other way. Now we had 6th period let's see where this goes.



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