Turn Around And Walk Away

There are many things I hate in life, but HIM, he gets way out of control. HE is Zayn Malik. My worst enemy from school, but when we start the new year, something comes along and surprises.Bad. But does it make me change my mind about Zayn?


3. The park

Yasmin's POV


After leaving the cafe, I decided to walk to the little play park round the back. On my way there, a loud curse broke out, scaring a few birds away. I frownede a little, starting a light jog to where the voice came from, in case there was an injury.


As soon as I was by the gates of the park, more curses were made, but this time it caught my attention.


"FUCK YOU, ZAYN, FUCK YOU!" My eyes widened, as I saw a body sat up on the grass, head in hands. I shuffled to the manly body, and plopped down next to him.


"What's wrong?" I smiled weakly, even though I knew he wasn't going to see it. I tried not pushing him for details, or his name, so I just ran my hand up and down his back, comforting him.


"M-my life is so f-fucking messed up! I don't e-even know why I'm t-telling you-u this?" His voice was muffled by his hands.


"You have no idea how much mine is, too!" I laugghed a little, trying to lighten the mood, but clearly failing.



''But my best mate...he tries to make his life better, by making others suffer..." He breathed, shaking his head a little.


''I have a guy like that in school. He tries to pull me back from having a social life, and peole follow him. He's, like, their God. He says do this, they do it. This morning I saw someone at the cafe and he flipped when he saw me...I think it's because he's a mate of that guy I was telling you about." My voice was getting quieter at every word I said, in shame. The blonde boy let out a sigh, but left his head in his hands.


Niall's POV


I felt sorry for this girl, but I didn't look up, just sighed. I heard a little shuffle and then silence. I peeked out of my hands to see that she had gone. I sighed louder and got up, walking to my house.


As soon as I got in, I let out a scream. I hated Zayn, I just have to pretend that I like him as a mate, or else I might be 6 feet under before I can say 'sorry'.


I kicked my shoes off and walked into the kitchen, pulling out anything adible to eat.


Yasmin's POV


I left the park, thinking about that boy's accent.




I knew I know an Irish lad at school, but I couldn't place my finger on it. I brushed it off my shoulder and sped up to my house, eager to have my own little time.


"Mum! I'm home." I mumbled and ran up the stairs, not waiting for her reply.

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