Turn Around And Walk Away

There are many things I hate in life, but HIM, he gets way out of control. HE is Zayn Malik. My worst enemy from school, but when we start the new year, something comes along and surprises.Bad. But does it make me change my mind about Zayn?


2. Starbucks

Yasmin's POV


After breakfast I decided to go upstairs and get changed into something suitable. I dragged out seom leggings and a black tee, slipping them on and and brushed my hair behind my back, leaving it dangling down uselessly. I shrugged and and skipped a little out of my room.


"Mum! I'm goin' to starbucks." I called out and sneaked out through the door before she can say anything else. I strolled down the street, tilting my head down and ignoring the kids from my school. I managed to arrive at starbcuks and ordered my coffee. I took it in my freezing hands and sat down, careful not to connect eyes with anyone. You can never be too safe, is what I always say.


"Hey, mind if I sit here. T-there isn't anywhere else!" I heard a familiar Irish voice say. I nodded without looking up and started sipping at the steamy, hot liquid. I heard the chair opposite me being dragged out, before a slump filled my ears. "Hey, I know you, don't I?" He asked.


I looked down further and shook my head, still not talking. He places a finger under my chin, lifting it up carefully, before my eyes locked onto deep blue ones. They looked like they were naturally white, but the sea reflected off it. I carefully tried not to smile, and looked down.




 I gasped inwardly, because he was one of Zayn's best friends. I looked down at my feet, and fought the urge to run away. After a while of silence he gasped.


''Y-you're Yasmin, aren't you?" My eyes widened and I nodded slowly, hoping he wouldn't start being horrible.


"Oh my God!" He whisper shouted, before getting up and running out of Star bucks, leaving me sitting trying to hold in my tears. I looked back up to see everyone staring at me as though I'd just been stood up at a date, and I guess you could say it looked like it, too. I sighed in frustration and got up, thanking the lady for my drink. She smiled, before I turned around and left the cafe.


Niall's POV


I ran out of Starbucks, trying not to scream. I knew she looked familiar.


''FUCK!" I screamed as loud as I can, when I was at a kids park. A few people turned to face me, but I  flipped them off and sat down on the grass, and dropped my head into my hands.








Sosososososososososososososososososososoooooooo sorry I hadn't updated for ages, but I thought it was rubbish, but then I got an idea, so I decided to update it. Anyway, why do you thiink Niall was soooo flipped at Zayn?


Do you think Zayn'll stop or will he get worse? What's Yasmin going to think? How will Niall react next time! ARRGG IM GOING CRAZYY!


Anyway, hope you cuties have a good new year <3 Bye



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