Turn Around And Walk Away

There are many things I hate in life, but HIM, he gets way out of control. HE is Zayn Malik. My worst enemy from school, but when we start the new year, something comes along and surprises.Bad. But does it make me change my mind about Zayn?


4. Callie

Yasmin's POV


It was around midnight, but I was still unable to get to sleep. I tossed and turned, letting my limbs mix together in a bundle under the sheets. A light peeked from my curtains, waking me even more. I sighed in frustration, but got up, and tightly pulled the curtains together. The room was suddenly darker, and felt more...right. I jumped in under the sheets, before dozing off.




I walked through the halls of school, keeping my head low. Without any intentions, my body collided with someone else, both of our books flying out of our hands.


"Pfft, geek match up, much?" I heard Zayn's devilish voice thunder through the halls, as Niall and Harry followed behind him. Harry, Niall, Liam and Louis were all Zayn's best men in everything. I sighed and bent down, picking up my books off the floor and not looking up to see who the person was. Clearly Zayn didn't like them much, which made me want to look up. I peeked up to see a girl with a natural tan, and golden hair. She was rather pretty, to be honest, her dark pupils neatly tucked behind her glasses. She wore simple clothes, consisting of a white t-shirt and some leggings. She had her hair up in a high pony tail, letting it be pulled behind her with her every move. I smiled at her, her returing the favour.


"Sorry...a-about the b-book thing." She smiled shyly. I shrugged, and smiled back, handing her a few of her books. I looked down at them and noticed they all looked pretty new.


"Don't worry. Er, are y-you... new?" I asked, straightening up. She nodded from the floor, before getting up too.


"Yeah, my family just moved in. I'm Charlotte by the way. B-but you can call me...Callie!" She giggled, blushing at the nickname. I smiled up at her, as she was a little taller than me, and extended my hand for her to shake.


"Nice to meet you, Callie. I'm Yasmin. A-and I don't have a nickname..." I trailed off, because every single person who I told that fact always told me it as only because my parents didn't care enough about me to spen any time thinking of a cute nickname.


"Nice t-to meet you too." As soon as the words left her mouth, the bell rang, singnalling we were late for first period. I let my jaw drop, and started sprinting to my History class, waving goodbye at Char- sorry, Callie.


Niall's POV


"So?" Zayn sneered, chuckling loudly. Me and Harry rolled our eyes.


"They didn't deserve it. That other girl was new, as well!" Harry pointed, running a hand through his hair. I frowned back at Zayn, hoping that would make anything click in.


Nope, nothing.


"Look, lads. If you're going to spoil the banter, then go fuck each other. Just leave me to do my thing, and I'll let you do yours." He smirked, striding on faster to History. I shook my head, not bothering to follow him.


"Haz, do you know where Louis and Liam are?" I asked, nudging him. Harry agreed with me about hating Zayn which is why we always stuck up for each other. Harry shook his head, but started to walk to his lesson. Which was Science. I waved at him, before deciding I should probably head behind Zayn to History.





Haii, peeps. Sorry it took ages for me to update, was busyyy!

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