The one direction story

The story is about a girl named Rose and one day she meets the one guy she can't live without


29. where are we going

Chapter 29

" your all done " Kylie says and turns the chair around I look at myself in the mirror I looked amazing my make- up was done a smokey eye and nude lip my hair was done niecly and some gold accessories and brown boots paired with the dress " thank you soooooo much " I say and hug Kylie " well you know I'm amazing " she says I role my eyes " yeah your fab" I say " well come on Niall is probertly waiting for you " she says and wiggles her eye brows up and down " okay " I say grab my bag and open the door Kylie behind me I look down the stairs and see Niall staring up at me his eyes shining I walk down the stairs " you look beautiful amazing " Niall says I blush " thank you you look handsome " I say I look at the sofa and see all the boys jaws dropped I look at Louis and Harry and glare at them and they look hurt Harry And louis stand up and start  walkin tords me " look Rose were so sorry Niall has forgiven us but will you too" I glare at Niall " you betrayed me " I say hurt " Rose they won't do it come on it was a stupid prank and we might just get pay back " he says eyes shining  " I like the last bit Niall but I don't like the first bit " I say " but seeing as I'm the nicest person in the world and that I'm going too...... forgive you You guys " yay" Harry says Louis and Harry then hug me lifting me off the ground " well come on Sofie we have too go " Niall says " okay bye guys " I say we walk down to the car park and to seea black limo " OMG Niall you didn't have too do this " I say amazed  " only for you babe " Niall says  be opens the door and I got in and he closes the door after him and we start driving " Niall where are we going " I ask suspicious Niall pretends to zip his mouth and I stop asking knowing he wont tell me how much I beg.

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