The one direction story

The story is about a girl named Rose and one day she meets the one guy she can't live without


2. trapped

Chapter 2 

"The shopping center wil be closing in 5 mins" the lady says over the speaker "oh.. crap we have to go Kylie I say and grab her hand and pay for our meal "bye" she calls out to the boys "bye" they all say " I have to get the shoes that are on sale it is the last day of the sale " I say starting to run we get into house of fraser we both leg it down to the shoe section I look for the shoes and fnd the the black high top converse I always wanted I grab the shoes and start running to the cash register to find nobody there I look at the door and see it closing "no" me and Kylie shout but I guess they didn't hear seing as they closed the doors and turned the lights off "help" me and kylie" yell the the same time "right let's split up and find a way out of here" I say Kylie walks in the other direction and so do I I keep walking when I see shadows moving I turn around and see three figures standing there I scream" what do you want" I say backing away "your blood " says one "cut it out louis we scared her enough" says an irish voice " who are you " I say still scared" I'm Louis " I'm Niall and " I'm Zayn says the three boys "well I'm Rose " what are you doing here" Zayn says " you know feeding elephants in the middle of the night" I say sarcasticly the boys burst out laughing "no really what are you doing here " he asks serious "well I was going to get black high top converse but the shop closed when I was about to buy them what about you guys how did yous end up in here" "well Louise here wanted to see what it is like being locked in the shop so yeah" Niall says "Rose where are you " I hear Kylie yell " here " I shout she comes with two other boys "who are they " I ask she smiles thats harry she says pointing to him and thats harry and thats liam "she says pointing to them in the dark I couldnt really make out the faces but I knew who was who by their voices "do you guys have any signal " they all cheak their phones and all of them shake their head sadly "we will have to sleep here " Harry says sitting on the floor " no we don't " I say with an idea in my head.

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