The one direction story

The story is about a girl named Rose and one day she meets the one guy she can't live without


35. Tour

Chapter 35

Nialls pov

I answer the phone to hear a familiar voice " Hey Niall " said Uncle Simon " hey " I say happily " so Niall sorry to ruin your break but you have to tell the lads that tour will start a little early than expected" He says nervously " how early " I say annoyed " like next week sorry but the tour has to start early sorry have to go bye " he says and hangs up I look at the lads playing with their girlfriends happy and nkw I look at Rose my Rose who was looking at me weirdly  " guys" I say loudly they all turn to look at me " what " they all says " well Uncle Simon called and..... well we have to go back on tour next week early " I say everybodys face goes from a smile to a frown " what " Harry says angirly " but Uncle Simom said  the tour wont start till a month has gone " Louis says looking at me " Niall are you joking cose this is not funny " Liam says " no I'm not joking we have to leave next Friday " I say and look at Rose she looked as she was going to start crying  "well actually my mum called and asked if we could come down to her house " she says more calmly " yes sure we can go " I say and smile  she runs and jumps in my arms I'm going to talk to Simon about Rose and see if she can come on tour because I know the long distance relationship won't work ....

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