The one direction story

The story is about a girl named Rose and one day she meets the one guy she can't live without


18. The girls

Chapter 19 

" guys you better get going or they will wonder " I say  going to the door " bye " Noall says and hugs me "bye " I say and close the door " do you think they will be nice " Kylie says " I don't know  we'll have to find ou- I didn't finsh my sentence when the door bell rang ding dong I go up to the door take a deep breath and pull the door handle to reveal 3 girls 2 with brown hair and one with blonde " hey" I say uncertain " hey" they all squel and rush over to hug me " so you must be Rose " the girl with blonde hair says " yep " I say happy at them knowing my name " well im Perrie and thats eleanor and Daniel " she says pointing to each one " wel I'm Rose and thats my best friend Kylie" I say and point to her she smiles and comes over " the guys had to go to a   meeting so they told us we could go shopping with us " I say happily " girl shopping I our lives " Daniel squeals " lets go shopping then " I say and grab my bag we go down in the lift and hit ground floor we all get out and head for my car .

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