The one direction story

The story is about a girl named Rose and one day she meets the one guy she can't live without


21. sorry

Chapter 21

" get off of me " I scream and struggling to get them off of me " never" harry says and sprays more whipped cream on me while Niall kept on doodling on my face suddely Harrys whipped cream runs out " hahahah" I say and laugh " come on Nialler we tortured her enough " he says and gets off of me " fine " he says and gets off of me too I go to the mirror and look at myself " omg guys look I got my hair done and now it's all ruined because of you" I say nearly in tears and run out of the room I go into the bathroom and close tha door "knock knock "I hear someone say " who's there" I say"Niall" he says " go away" I say angirly " Rose look we didn't know you had your hair done were really sorry when your ready to come out me and Harry will apologise properly" Niall says sadly " well you'll have to wait because I am going to take a very long shower I say getting off the floor " yay" Niall says happily he says and goes away from the door I get my chlothes off and go in t he shower .

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