The one direction story

The story is about a girl named Rose and one day she meets the one guy she can't live without


3. sleeping

Chapter 3

"Follow me " I say going up the stairs we get to the top floor and I see what I was looking for 4 king sized beds I point and they all look "yes" they all shout rushing over to the beds we all jump on the beds for 10 mins and we calm down "so there is not enough beds for everyone so im going to put everybody in pairs" Louis says with a smirk on his face "ok " we all say "Harry and Liam" Zayn and Kylie" Rose and Niall" and I have the bed all to myself Louis "says happy "thats not fair harry "says sad " it is too" Louis screams we all pick our beds and star lying down in them "wait " I say remembering "what" Niall says "well we need to set an alarm because if the workers in the morning come in thy might think were robbers and stuff so we nned to wake up early and hide " "ok ill set my alarm Kylie " says and starts typing on her phone . We all snuggle down and my eyes begin to shut slowly

The next morning

I hear Kylies alarm go off and one way or another starts playing I start singing seing as I know all the words I open my eyes and see all the boys staring at me they all burst Out laughing and so do I until we hear keyes ratteling we all jump out of the beds and start legging it down the staris and I point to the changing rooms and we all go in and lock ourselves in.

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