The one direction story

The story is about a girl named Rose and one day she meets the one guy she can't live without


25. prank gone too far

hey guys I am so glad loads of you like my fanfiction wow nearly 400 viewsi ccan't believe it sorry I didn't update loads but this is one of the longest chapters I did so I hope you all like it  I_love _1D_21_6

chapter 25

Louis pov

I wake up and look at the time it was 8:00 o clock mad too early for anyone to wake up I look at Hazza sleeping beside me the girls had gone back to our apartments too sleep since there was no space here I look at Hazza again and a idea pops in my head a prank idea "harry harry wake up " I say no response well I'm not going to shout al over the house soo... I'll pinch his arm I takehis skin and pinch hard " ow... Louis whar the hell was that for " he yells " Harry keep quiet lets prank Niall and Rose " I say and put a evil smile on my face "let me hear it then " Harry says with a smile too.

"So do you get the plan " I whisper quietly " yeah " he says we tip toe out of our room and head for Roses room I open the door thank god her doors are not squeaky I see Rose lying ontop of Nialls cheast they looked so peaceful " ill get the head I whisper  " I'll get her head " Harrys says and I glare at him ." Harry you take the legs it was my plan so you do as I say " " fine " Harry mutters .

Harrys pov

We take Rose out of her bed ever so quietly and bring her to our room so "Louis you stay at Niall and put your head on his cheast like Rose did " I go to our room and lie down in bed and put Rose ontop of me like Niall had her I look at her I feel so guilty that we brought her here I want to take her back but it was too late I guess I look at her again and she shuffles in bed " hey Nialler " she says and kisses me with her eyes closed 

Roses pov 

I could feel Niall watching me I lean in and kiss him with my eyes closed but it doesnt feel the same at all I open mu eyes and see HARRY he was kissing me " harry " I yelled " what the hell are you doing here " I scream at him and I run out of his room I go into my room and see Louis ontop of Niall " get out " I scream they both wake up looking at me Niall suddenly looks at Louis " what are you doing here " he yells " get out " I scream " it was only a prank Rose don't take it soseriously " Louis says and smiles " really is it a prank well its a prank gone too far "I scream and run out of the room and lock myself in the bathroom I slide down the door crying this was too much for me in a morning !!!

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