The one direction story

The story is about a girl named Rose and one day she meets the one guy she can't live without


23. pay back and a pond

Chapter 23

"Hey guys do want to take a walk in the park" I say as casualy as I could "why" harry says narrowing down his eyes "b-because we can get some fresh air and stuff" I say and smile but the real reason I wanted to go to the park was so me and the girls could get pay back on Harry and Niall for what they did to me "ookkkaayy " the boys all say "so let's go then" I say the boys go first"girls so do you remeber the plan we go over near the pond and say look at that fish and point then Harry and Niall come over and look at the pond and then we push them in plan agreed" agreed" they all say we catch up with the boys and all of us have fake smiles " guys I have a bad felling your smiles are wired" Niall says looking at me thy all look at us and do innocent eyes we go down in the lift and hit the ground floor " llet's walk " I say going for the door we all start walking Niall holds my hand I look up at him and he smiles suddenly I feel guilty for what me and the girls are going to do but he asked for it by drawing on my face we gt to the park in a matter of minutes we walk around the park and I spot the pond " hey guys look at the pond I think I can see a fish " I say walking over to it I look at the girls and they were all smiling evilly and of course the boys go over to the pond we go behind harry and Niall and then we push them hard the other boys look shocked as if they did anything " let this be a lesson guys mess with me mess with the girls and you get pay back" I say and laugh looking at the sight of Harry And Niall resurfising from the water they frown at me " what you askes for it " I say and all the girls start laughing.."well come on guys lets go home " I say walking away from the pond and the rest folllowing me they get out of the water and glare at me and we strt making our way home .

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