The one direction story

The story is about a girl named Rose and one day she meets the one guy she can't live without


8. pancakes, sainsbury

Chapter 8

I wake up on Nialls cheast remembering last night I still cant believe I met one direction I feel so lucky. I go into the bathroom and  have a shower I put on a purple cute dress black docs and do my make-up I tie my hair in a fish braid and go out of the bathroom. To see Niall already awake "hey Nialler how did you sleep" I ask him "fine he says getting dressed " well I'm going to make breakfast" I say and leave the room I cook pancakes and the smell fills the apartment " food " Niall running into the kitchen with everybody behind him everybody sits down at the table and I serve the food and everybody dives in and we all eat happily.

Thank you Rose " everyone says and puts their plates in the dish washer " you welcome " I say and smile  " your amazing cook" Niall says and hugs me " I want to head out to the shops I will be back in aboug a half an hour "I say getting my purse k" Niall says I open the door and get in the lift I press the button and go to the ground floor.

Skip car ride

I haven't been in sainsburys I ages I walk up to the shop and go in I look for this months issue of Kiss mag and find it with Katy perry on the cover I look at some other mags and see a few with 2 girls and 5 boys wait thats me, Kylie and the boys OMG I squel jumping up and down with exitment I grab 6 mags a bag of skittles a bag of chocolate (I'm in live with chocolate) and a doctor pepper I go to the till the lady looks at the mags " wild kids" she whispers under her breath I give her the money and go out of the shop laughing if only she new that was me until I bump into someone and I stop laughing when I see who it is .

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