The one direction story

The story is about a girl named Rose and one day she meets the one guy she can't live without


20. new hair and ambushing

Chapter 20

" so honey what would you like to get done to your hair " the lady asks as I sit down on the chair " I would like the same hair as Perrie here had hers before" I say and point to her " wise choice sweetie well be done in a jiffy " "ookkkaayyy" I say how wiered is she calling me sweetie and stuff " I can't wait to see your hair " Kylie says exited " me too " I say 

"Well all done honey take a look " the lady says and hands me a mirror  I take the mirror and look I look amazing my hair blonde then going candyfloss pink at the ends and the ends softly curled I turn around and show all the girls their jaws drop " Rosie you look amazing " Kylie says and hugs me " yeah I love your hair " Perrie says examining it " I love yours too " I say looking at it too " well lets get home then im starving we can order chinease food " Kylie says happy she knows chinease and chocolate is my fave food for ever" yay " I say and we all go out of the hairdressers

Skip car ride

"Were home " I call but everything was strangely silent " guys " we all say at the same time " they must be not home I say and walk in the living room to be thrown over Nialls showlder and waked onto the sofa " let me go " I shouted I looked and saw the others were taken by their boyfriends but Kylie left out because Harry and Niall were now infrknt of me noe harry had wipped cream and Niall had a sharpie marker " you wouldn't " I say as they get closer by the second " oh.. yes we would " harry and Niall say at the same time and then jump on me 

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