The one direction story

The story is about a girl named Rose and one day she meets the one guy she can't live without


9. Mellisa, Coffee and George

Chapter 9

"Mellisa" I say and gasp "why isn't it Rashy Rosie " she says witha smirk on her face she's my worst enemy she bullied me at school and made my life hell " so how are you and Rob still stealing people boyfriends are you " she say firecly " I didn't steal him from you he just didn't likethe horrible sight of you so he left you" I say and smile I never stood up to Mellisa but now iI'm not afraid of her her jaw drops " be careful take another boy I like and I'm going to do something really bad to you I mean it "  she says and walks away I look at the time on my phone well the bus is coming in 10 mins I might aswell get a coffee I go into a old coffee she shop which had no people in it but it was close to the bus stop so it would have to do I go into the shop and see a boy behind the counter around my age " hey would you like to order anything" he says and winks at me " yeah I would like some coffee" I say and go and sit down at a table near the window and flip through the brand new Kiss mag until he brings me the coffee I close the mag and look at the cup and take a sip it tastes good " can I sit with you " he says standing beside the empty chair " sure " I say he sits down " how old are you " he asks " 19" I answer " what about you  you look around my age " "yeah I'm 19 aswell" he says smiles " can I get your phone number " he says looking hopeful " sure " I say taking a spare piece of paper with my phone  number on it and handing it to him he smiles as I give it to him " ill call you some time whats your name anyway " he asks " Rose" I say and smile " oh... my name is George" he says "well I better get going I say handing him my money he takes the money and puts it in the cash register " bye " I say and leave "bye" he calls and I leave for the bus stop

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