The one direction story

The story is about a girl named Rose and one day she meets the one guy she can't live without


14. meet the boys and musical statues

Chapter 14.

"Well if you get hurt it is not my fault" I say and laugh " fine I want to meet these wild animals " he says and laughs " ok " I say and opem the door to see Louis chasing Zayn with a broom Niall eating what looked like the 9th packet of crisps and harry running aound the apartment with only a towel on and Liam screaming at the them to stop and Kylie just laughing " guys " I scream they all look at me " what " they all say at the same time " we have a guest we need to act properly" I say they all look at George and louis comes up to him " hey " he says and gives him a hug " well Harry get dressed Louis stop torturing Zayn I'm not even gonna bother with you Niall because I know you'll keep on eating " I say and laugh " let's play some games "Louis says "oookkaayy butwhat games" I say" well lets play musical statues I love that game" Zayn says surprizing everybody he's usually not the game type of guy " what are we doing" harry says coming in full dressed " were playing musical statues " and im the dj" Kylie says happily she stands beside her I pod and plugs it into the speakers " let the games begin" she shouts and starts playing roar by katy perry " whoo..." I shout and we all start dancinb like crazy Louis rowing like hes in water and the rest doing yheir own dance moves and the music stops and everybody freezesKylie walks around and inspects everybody "George you moved she says and laughs " damn it " he says and walk over and sits at a chair Kylie starts playing change your  life by iggy azelea  and we all start dancing again

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